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Foot comfort: why focus on ergonomics?

Even though they are the base of our body and ensure stability, the feet are often neglected. After all, who has never bought uncomfortable footwear and then regretted it? Heels, thin beaks, inadequate materials, or poorly structured soles are very far from promoting foot comfort.

In fact, have you ever had to go for a walk with heels or ill-fitting shoes on your feet? Even if the shoe is not tight, anyone who has ever worn tennis shoes, sneakers, or even sandals without the necessary adjustment knows the consequences: calluses, blisters, and a lot of discomfort.

These, however, are only the most apparent (and easiest to solve) signs related to the use of inadequate footwear. There are several problems resulting from poor quality shoes, such as ingrown toenails, fungus, bad posture, body aches, spinal misalignment, and even headaches.

Do you want to better understand which problems affect the health of your feet and know how to combat them, while maintaining your basic style and great looks? Then continue reading this post!

Why should we think about foot comfort?

As we have explained, it is our feet that support all of our body weight. In addition, like any other element of the body, they have muscles, joints, and ligaments. However, we do not always give them the necessary attention. 

This is reflected in various problems, some more apparent – such as calluses and blisters, for example -, others not so much, but with greater complexity. Inadequate footwear causes, besides discomfort, posture problems, back and shoulder pain.

Stepping the wrong way – which happens when the sapatos masculinos is uncomfortable, or even because the sole is worn – also causes problems in the lower limbs, pelvis, and other parts of the body. Therefore, it is necessary to pay a lot of attention to shoes!

Besides the comfort and the quality of the materials, it is also necessary to pay attention to the purpose of use. A sport shoe needs to have a more resistant cushioning system than others used in situations where long walks are not necessary. 

Another important care concerns the materials. Certain products increase perspiration and can make your feet damp. This causes everything from unpleasant odors to fungus, which is often difficult to treat. 

It is worth pointing out that it is not only the shoes that interfere with foot health – although they are the main cause of problems. It is necessary to use appropriate socks that are able to absorb perspiration and that are not tight, thus avoiding circulatory problems. 

There are several causes for foot pain, such as external injuries or injuries in one of the bones or joints, rheumatism, or even wrong stepping. A common disease is plantar fasciitis, caused by lack of protection and comfort for the feet, which is directly related to the footwear.

When the cause of the pain is not eliminated or controlled, the problem can reflect in other parts of the body, besides causing mood changes and feelings of tiredness. One of the things you can do to counter the pain is to get the best foot massager and try to massage your feet as often as possible.

Understand the anatomy of the foot

Each of our feet has 26 bones and 20 muscles, in addition to ligaments, tendons, and tissues that act as shock absorbers, which absorb the impact of footsteps on the ground.

Its structure comprises:

  • tarsus, which is the posterior half of the foot, which contains a set of seven bones. The weight of the body is supported by two major bones: the talus, which is articulated with the tibia; and the calcaneus, which forms the heel;
  • metatarsal, formed by five small, parallel bones. The first metatarsal has an important role in supporting the body weight;
  • phalanges of the toes, with three phalanges in each toe, except for the first toe, which has only two. Thus, in total, each foot has 14 phalanges.

Check out the types of feet

Feet can be flat or hollow. In the first case, there is an increase in the elevation of the arch, which can be caused by congenital (that is, the individual is born that way), neurological (such as muscle imbalance and paralysis) or post-traumatic (due to accidents or fractures) factors.

Those with clubfeet usually suffer from pain in the heel, because they overload this region with the weight of their body, and have more difficulty in finding comfortable shoes, precisely because of the elevated arch. An alternative is to use insoles designed for this purpose in order to provide comfort for the feet.

In the case of flat feet, the arch is lowered. In most cases, there are no complaints of pain or other associated problems. 

Find out what your stride type is

The way you step can cause misalignment in the spine and pain in various parts of the body. Check it out:

  • The so-called pronated stepping occurs when the foot, when touching the ground, overloads the weight on the inner part, near the arch. This condition causes injuries and imbalance, especially when the person uses shoes with harder soles;
  • In supinated stepping, the opposite occurs, i.e., the external side of the foot absorbs most of the body load. In this case, the footwear must have cushioning;
  • Neutral stepping is ideal, because it distributes the body weight equally, not causing problems.

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