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Flame It Up: Discover Unique Cooking Techniques With Gas Stoves

Are you bored of using the same traditional cooking methods and want to spice up your culinary techniques? If yes, set your culinary exploration free by utilising a gas stove with unique cooking techniques to help you brew some of the most delicious delicacies. A gas stove is an essential element of any kitchen worldwide. So, whether you are a home cook or a professional chef, you probably know its significance better. A cooking stove helps you to regulate the temperature and pace of the flame, allowing you to cook a delectable and evenly cooked dish. Also, cooking stoves are available in various ranges, ranging from two, three, to even four burners, to enhance your cooking convenience.

5 Unique Cooking Techniques to be Used With a Gas Stove

Using the latest gas cooking stoves, you can jazz up your cooking skills and continue brewing lip-smacking delicacies using the following techniques:

● Sautéing

This unique cooking technique uses very little oil while cooking small batches of ingredients on a low to medium flame. The word ‘Sautéing’ originates from a French word that means ‘to jump’, perfectly describing this method’s quick toss and jump technique. Using a cooking stove, you can sauté vegetables, seafood, meat, etc., tossing and turning them in a pan and cooking them at optimum temperatures, maintaining their rich flavour and texture. The high heat from the stove and constant movement of the ingredients ensures a delicious and tenderly cooked meal.

● Grilling

It is another unique cooking method which uses a direct, high flame to grill your ingredients at the right temperature. Here, a grilling pan or a cast-iron skillet is placed on your cooking stove’s burner and allowed to pre-heat at a certain temperature. Once the pan is optimally heated, you can place the marinated meat or vegetables on the grill pan. Adjust your cooking stove’s temperature and speed to ensure the ingredients get evenly cooked, leaving a tantalising flavour on your lips. It is a technique usually used in indoor barbeques.

● High Wok Stir-Frying

It is a technique that involves a wok (a huge deep-round cooking pan) used for stir-frying all your ingredients on a high flame, ensuring that the ingredients cook optimally. A wok is pre-heated at a particular temperature, followed by adding little oil and then your main ingredients. All the ingredients are tossed and turned into the wok at a high temperature and continuously stirred to avoid sticking to the wok. It involves exercising precision while keeping the colour and nutritional value of the ingredients intact. Adjust the flame’s pace using your stove’s knobs for accurate cooking.

● Charring

The literal meaning of charring is to ‘partially burn.’ Thus, if you want to add a delectable grilled, smoky flavour to your vegetables, you can directly hold them over your gas stove’s burner’s flame set to high temperatures and let the skin of the vegetables get charred. It automatically starts to peel off, reducing your kitchen workload. You need to watch the flames, adjust them at your convenience and ensure your vegetables are not burnt. Usually, such a technique is used to charr vegetables like eggplants, bell peppers, tomatoes, etc., to give them a smoky edge, peel off their exteriors and enhance their flavours.

Do’s and Don’ts to Be Remembered While Using a Gas Stove

Ensure a hassle-free cooking experience while you use your stoves in the kitchen by following the below-mentioned do’s and don’ts:


  • Ensure appropriate ventilation in the kitchen.
  • Keep flammable items away from the burners to avoid accidents.
  • Check on your stoves regularly to check for potential gas leaks or faulty spare parts.


  • Ensure that you do not leave your stoves unattended, as it may lead to a risk of fire accidents.
  • Avoid using inappropriately shaped cookware that does not steadily sit on your burners, leading to possible spills.


Continue cooking delicious meals for your loved ones using specially designed cooking stoves equipped with all the safety protocols. You can use stoves with multiple burners as they reduce your cooking time and help you cook all your meals evenly, allowing you to adjust temperatures at your convenience. So, buy the latest gas stove that empowers you to cook healthy and tasty meals, ensuring your safety now!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are the latest cooking stoves compatible with LPG?

The latest cooking stoves are compatible with LPG. They are designed considering the user’s flexibility and preferences concerning the fuel connection.

  • Does the latest gas stove come with a reliable warranty?

The latest cooking stoves come with durable structural integrity. Usually, there’s a warranty of approximately 2 years on the product and 5 years on the glass top, if any.

  • How to keep a cooking stove clean?

While cleaning your cooking stoves, remove the burner grates carefully and swipe the surface and knobs of the stove gently with a damp cloth. Put the grates back in place, and swipe the damp cloth on the sides.

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