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Fixing a Fire Stick That Has Become Frozen

Stick on fire, are you frozen? Having trouble with the playback? Doesn’t it drive you crazy when whatever you’re watching on your Fire Stick simply frozen in the middle of it? Even more frustrating is the situation in which you are going to play a game or watch anything on Kodi or Netflix, but the gadget is completely frozen.

Even a product as lovely and well-built as the Fire Stick can really drop and freeze on sometimes. There is no way to prevent this from happening. This specific article will guide you through the process of troubleshooting the problem, and we hope that it will allow you to start using your Fire Stick as soon as humanly possible!

Fixing a Fire Stick That Has Become Frozen

Recharge your Fire Stick with some power.

The majority of the time, all that is required to get your Fire Stick working normally again is to just unplug it and then reconnect it. This is a simple solution that is both flexible and effective. According to Amazon’s official directions for troubleshooting, the company suggests that customers first try the aforementioned method.

You may return your Fire Stick’s settings to their factory defaults by using the remote.

For instance, you may reset your Fire Stick by holding down the “Select” button while simultaneously pressing and releasing the “Play” button for a few seconds (generally 2 to 5 seconds should be enough)

You will be able to see a message in the display of the Fire TV if you perform this very, very simple procedure in the correct manner. Shortly after the message appears, the Fire TV will shut down and reboot, allowing you to restart the device without the hassle of having to unplug and reconnect your Fire Stick.

Wrap Up & Troubleshooting

If for some reason you still aren’t able to get your gadget to function, it is strongly advised that you get in touch with the helpful folks at Amazon’s customer care department. They may be able to aid you in resolving the issue and providing you with the support you require.

When you experience a problem with your Fire Stick freezing, it is almost often due to issues with the server for the app that you are using at the moment. This happens most frequently with Kodi because its sources are kept up to date all around the world. If you are experiencing connection problems with Kodi (also known as “No stream available” problems), then all you need to do is try several alternative servers, which are referred to as “Sources” in Kodi.

Using the Fire TV OS menu, the following steps must be taken in order to restore FireStick to its factory default settings:

Follow these steps to restore your Fire Stick to the settings that were there when it was first manufactured:

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Navigate to the Settings menu on the Fire Stick or Fire TV you are using.

  • Look for a button labelled “Restore to Factory Default Settings” or “Reset to Factory Defaults.”
  • To restore or reset your device, click the “Reset” button.
  • Wait for the Fire Stick to reset to factory defaults
  • After that, you will have to “re-login” to your Amazon account or “re-register” the device with your Amazon account in order to continue using it.
  • You will need to reinstall Kodi on your Fire Stick if you already had it installed on your computer.

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