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Five Well-Known Tea Customs from Around the World

Tea is not only a beverage. It’s an approach to life. Others use coffee to interact with friends and family while others use tea as a rejuvenating elixir. The popularity of tea has grown significantly over the globe. The heritage of tea varies from one culture to the next, in addition to its flavour and perfume.

The Chinese Gongfu Tea Ceremony

When discussing tea traditions around the world, it is important to highlight the Gongfu tea ceremony from China. The intricate decorations on the little pots and cups used in the ritual are only one example of how much importance is placed on the small things.

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There are tongs, a tureen, strainers, a brewing tray, tea towels, and the infamous “scent cups,” which are used to sniff the tea rather than drinking the potent, bitter beverage. Tea is poured from high while the cups are arranged in a circle and warmed with a wash of the first brew. In this ritual, you don’t simply sip tea; you also take in every last smell of its aroma.

The Indian Kulhad Chai

The variety of tea, or chai as it is more commonly known, enjoyed in the nation is enormous. Black tea leaves are combined with spices like cinnamon, cloves, ginger, dried tulsi leaves, cloves, cardamom, and pepper to create masala chai tea blends. This hot beverage is a classic.

Tea is a portable beverage that is perfect for serving to house guests. The renowned kulhad chai is tea served in little, locally manufactured, ecological clay cups known as kulhad. These clay cups are thought to be a key component in bringing out the “true and distinct taste” of this popular beverage in the country by adding a distinct earthy aroma to the drink.

Iran’s Chaikhanas

By the turn of the 20th century, Iran had begun producing its own black tea and chaikhanas were on the rise. This drink quickly rose to national acclaim, and Iranians’ social lives began to incorporate tea culture. The traditional way to serve tea in Iran is on a silver tray with a bright yellow rock candy called.

Here, tea is served strong without being sweetened to lessen its bitterness. In order to give the strong drink a slight sense of sweetness, you will be instructed to place a sugar cube between your front teeth and suck through it. It is reported that Iranians adore tea so much that a kettle is left on a stove burning throughout the day. That is what is meant by tea love!

Morocco’s Tea

Touareg Tea, also known as the Maghrebi mint tea, is made from a combination of green tea leaves, mint, and a generous amount of sugar. In this tea culture, this hot beverage is delivered to guests three times, each time from a height into a delicate glass. Each serving provides a marginally.

English Tea Events

In everyday living in Great Britain, tea is a necessity. Tea has permeated every home in the nation since it was first brought there in the 17th century. One of the most well-known tea customs in England is afternoon tea parties, where a variety of cakes, sandwiches, and biscuits are served along with this hot beverage. The finest place to have tea in this location is in the picturesque setting of an English tea garden.

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Find your favourite tea and start the kettle if these teas from around the world made you yearn for a peaceful spot and a steaming cup of your own.

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