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First-Time Homebuyer’s Guide

The option to own real estate has long been a popular one, and the current increase in housing costs has increased demand for rental homes more than ever. It can be a useful thing to have if you’re in a condition to invest in real estate. We’ve created a guide for novice investors below.

Think of the location

Do some research on the locations where you’re thinking of buying an investment home. The location’s strength, the rental yields available, the amount of demand, and the possibility for capital growth should all be taken into account. Additionally, it’s critical to consider regions with forecasts for strong price rises and a track record of profitable investment.

When searching for a rental property, the next decision to make is who you’d like as your “ideal” tenant. This will enable you to decide whether to buy a house or a flat and whether you want to live in an urban or countryside region.

Decide on the  type of the property

There are different types of properties on the market, let´s name them:

l  Off-Plan — This is when you buy a house when it is still in the development or development stages, not yet finished. This kind of investment provides the possibility of capital growth, decreased expenses, and the attraction of a newly constructed residence. These are frequently sold for less as well.

l  Refurbished – These homes are frequently old or historical homes that have undergone renovations to match contemporary standards. Investors who love the appeal and uniqueness of historical properties and wish to add their flair to it may find them to be attractive.

l  Residential properties are in high demand because young professionals are finding it difficult to purchase homes and instead are leasing for extended periods.

l  Commercial: Any real estate that is utilized solely for commercial activities. Examples include office buildings, shopping malls, gas stations, supermarkets, healthcare, hotels, offices, parking garages, apartment buildings, and theaters.

l  Industrial: Any real estate utilized for producing, manufacturing, transport, warehousing, and innovation.

Gather your real estate professional team

Finding and purchasing your first rental property differs significantly from purchasing a residence. You’ll need to assemble a realtor team of experts who are familiar with the operation of income properties. Orange Real Estate´s team offers commitment and dedication to achieve the best sales.

Furthermore, a real estate broker who works with owners, a local lender, an attorney, and a solid property management firm with a network of reasonably priced service providers can all be key pieces of your local property team.

Learn about the taxes

Think about your tax requirements, including income tax, capital gains tax (CGT), and GST, if you are going to buy, lease, trade, or invest in properties.

You might have to sign up for GST if:

Your activities are recognized as a business if the revenue from your real estate purchases and other taxable operations exceeds the GST registration level.

You can be obligated to pay GST on the sale of your property if you are enrolled for GST or are compelled to do so. In general, you can reclaim Tax credits for your building expenses and sales-related items.

GST must be deducted from the contract price by buyers of brand-new residential buildings or potential residential property and paid to us. On July 1, 2018, this modification—known as GST at settlement—went into effect.

Think of potential risks

The main of these risks can be:

l  Negative cash flow brought on by an erroneous estimate of fair market rent: You can use a straightforward investment property analysis spreadsheet to see the probable financial performance of a certain property to prevent investing in a money-losing one.

l  Unexpectedly high repair costs: Once you buy a home from a third-party seller or the MLS, there is a chance that you will need to pay high repair costs. The heater or air conditioner could break down, or you could require a costly skilled contractor to handle a big plumbing repair.

Establish a financial reserve fund for any necessary repairs to prevent being caught off guard, or buy a complete investment property that has already been thoroughly assessed and is rented to a reliable renter.

The advantages of owning investment property are practically endless. Your operational costs and mortgage are covered by tenant rent, and any surplus cash flow is turned into profit. Then, you can employ property depreciation to lower your taxable net income, maybe even to zero.

Make sure you know the law, the taxes, and fees and gather the best real estate team to make your purchase successful. 

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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