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Key factors you should know when hiring ReactJS developers for your project

There are many things you should consider when hiring a dedicated ReactJS developer. Some of them are technical, and some of them are not. All the parameters play a vital role while developing the perfect software/application for your business.

Reading below will help you learn about the key factors that you should know and keep in mind while hiring ReactJS developers. These factors allow you to filter out the weak developers and identify the best. And you deserve the best. So why compromise when you can hire the best by just knowing some hacks?

You have many options available when it comes to hiring a ReactJS developer. Every developer carries a bag filled with different experience, knowledge, and expertise working in versatile domains using the latest technologies and tools. So it becomes crucial to find a ReactJS developer that fits right for your project.

Hiring a weak, inexperienced, or unqualified developer can result in a loss of reputation and revenue. Hence, to prevent any type of loss, you should consider some key factors before hiring ReactJS developers for your project. This will help you in identifying the right resource and save you time and money.

Now, without any more add-ons, let’s begin.

Crucial factors to Consider When Hiring ReactJS Developers for Your Project

ReactJS developer’s description

Creating a developer’s description is a must-do task before you start your hiring journey. The developer’s description guides you through the entire process of finding the right candidate for your project.

It will help you identify the qualities, skills, and requirements that an ideal candidate should have.

Below, we have mentioned some of the most important aspects of a ReactJS developer that you must add to your description.

  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of React.js frameworks such as Jest, Mocha, Puppeteer, and others
  • Expertise in APIs (application programming interfaces) and API communication
  • Knowledge of front-end and back-end technologies
  • Efficiency and effectiveness of coding
  • Superior error-handling technique
  • Testing
  • React development mastery
  • The expertise in automation and development tools
  • Database administration
  • Proficiency in user authentication and authorization

The description can vary depending on the project requirements and the level of expertise you require from the developers. So, always be flexible when making developer descriptions or decisions. To select the best candidate, a proper and well-organized job description becomes crucial.

Ask the right questions in an Interview

You can not identify the skills and expertise of a developer just by examining the overview of the CV. For that, you need to ask in-depth relevant questions to determine whether the candidate has the required skills and knowledge for the project.

While interviewing, you should consider the level of the developer and ask all the appropriate questions such as background, education, experience, technologies and more.

Asking questions helps you take the proper action in determining the right ReactJS developer for your project.

Ask About Certifications And Courses

It becomes crucial for you to check if the candidate carries the required certifications or not. JavaScript offers many certification courses to developers for the advancement of careers and provides them with better opportunities.

So, considering a candidate with those certifications can help you develop the desired applications.

Also, certifications and courses add value to the developer’s profile as it shows the accomplishment of the developer. It helps you know the eligibility, competency, commitment to the profession, ability, and skill set of the candidate.

Technical background check

The majority of candidates’ work relies upon technical aspects. It becomes crucial for you to know if the candidate possesses the required technical skills or not.

Consider the following technical factors while hiring dedicated React JS programmers to determine their technical abilities for your project.

Proficient in ECMAScript and JavaScript

Most of the candidate’s work depends on technical proficiency in ECMAScript and JavaScript, so having on-hand experience in that becomes critical.

The developer you are hiring for your next project should understand all the ReactJS features, functions, and syntax. Next, they should have vast experience in DOM manipulation, JavaScript scopes, event bubbling, and hoisting.

Moreover, knowledge of EcmaScript adds more value to candidates’ profiles and knowing it makes them a preferred choice.

Testing Tools and Frameworks

Developers must select the right toolset and frameworks while testing a key factor, whether doing unit testing, end-to-end testing, or integration testing.

They should be familiar with operating unit testing frameworks like Mocha, Chai, Sinon, Tape, and Jest, integration testing tools like Karma, and End-to-end testing tools like Cucumber.js, Nightwatch.js, Selenium, and Cypress.

Consider the ability of the developer to work with the testing tools and frameworks to prevent mistakes and write quality code while creating ReactJS applications.

Experience in Multiple Technologies

Frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Laravel, and Django, are some of the critical platforms/frameworks that host ReactJS applications and work perfectly with ReactJS.

So, considering a candidate with hands-on experience and an understanding of multiple technologies that compliments React can help you in numerous ways.

Moreover, selecting a candidate with the knowledge of MERN stack technologies (MongoDB, Express JS, React JS, Node JS) can be advantageous for you as it is the most preferred for developing JavaScript applications.

Expertise in technologies

A developer with expertise in different technologies will help you do certain tasks efficiently and independently.

As you know, ReactJS developers deal with core technical activities. So, choosing a candidate with expertise in JSON, advanced HTML, HTML5, ESLint, and Rest APIs becomes crucial. Moreover, candidates should be proficient in the core React concepts like functional components, JSX, props, hooks, etc.

Version Control Systems

The potential candidate needs to know working with VCS, as it helps developers track, manage and optimise software codes. Also, it allows developers to reduce development time and increase successful deployment.

Version control systems (Source controls) like GIT, SVN, and TFS allow developers to undo mistakes, review codes and compare old codes faster. It helps the developer’s team to collaborate and manage source code over time.

So, hiring a developer who can operate and manage VCS can work faster with a team, ensuring faster development.

Javascript Build tools

Along with different software packages, installing multiple javascript tools is necessary to expand the javascript library. JavaScript tools turn development codes into production codes.

A candidate should know various javascript tools such as NPM, Webpack, and Yarn. Moreover, developers should know different JS tools, Redux DevTools, and React Developer Tools.

Considering the developer with an understanding of JavaScript tools can work fast, manage dependencies, automate tasks, load external modules, and more.

React Basics and Styling Method

You should hire a developer who has expertise to create a React app. Also, have proficiency in using tools like Babel, JSX, NextJS, etc. in the development process.

Moreover, you should look for a React developer who understands react components, CSS strategies, and external styling libraries to create attractive interfaces.

ReactJS Workflows

When it comes to developing an app and deploying it on time, many developers face the challenges of maintaining workflow. It becomes necessary for developers to have control over state management libraries like Context API, React Native, Axios, React Router, Redux, MobX, etc. These libraries help developers with arranging the state of a React application.

By maintaining the workflow and using the different libraries, you can enhance the performance, transplant the codes and increase productivity. So, hiring ReactJS developers having experience in managing ReactJS workflow and technologies becomes necessary.


ReactJS technology is continuously changing with time and technology. So, it becomes vital for you to hire developers who can adopt and master the updating technology.

With excellent technological adaptability skills, you can easily adjust to changing circumstances of the project. You should also consider it as an essential aspect before selecting a candidate.

Required Soft Skills

Always consider the developer’s interpersonal skills. A good interpersonal skills other than technical skills adds more value to the candidate’s profile.

Consider the following interpersonal skills when you Hire a Dedicated ReactJS Developer.


An ability to think differently and find the proper solution for the problem makes developers the preferred choice for you. This problem-solving ability helps developers to reach project goals by overcoming the project obstacles.

Consider problem-solving ability as a critical factor when you hire a ReactJS developer.


Often, miscommunication leads to mismanagement and conflict in the projects.
So, Hiring a Dedicated ReactJS Developer with proper communication skills makes the development process smoother, easier and more convenient. It also helps improve trust, overcome diversity and create conditions for sharing new ideas.


Web app development needs team efforts. Teamwork leads to increased productivity and a sense of collaboration and cooperation that moves the team forward.

So, considering having a developer who is a team player and understand their duties and responsibilities of work becomes essential for any project.


An open-minded developer is someone who is objective when approaching new things, listens to other points of view, and is willing to admit what they don’t know.

When you hire open-minded developers, they understand their roles and responsibilities. Plus, they listen to others and cooperate with them. Also, they take all the positive and negative feedback as an opportunity to learn without feeling insulted.


Hiring Dedicated React JS Programmers for your next project can be ideal. But before that, you should consider all the technical and non-technical parameters of the candidate.

Understand and keep in mind that the potential ReactJS developer should have hands-on experience and awareness of all the tools, technologies, and frameworks. Moreover, good communication, open-mindedness, teamwork, and problem-solving skills are crucial when selecting a ReactJS developer.

To have a successful development project, consider all these essential factors when you hire ReactJS developers for your business.

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