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Factors to Consider When Buying LED High Mast Light

Using a LED high mast light is an excellent way to add a little flair to any outdoor landscape. The lighting is usually used on recreational fields or highways that require a large area to be lit up. However, you can also use them on your driveway for added safety.

Lumiway 3 series

Integrated design, scalable architecture, and impressive thermal management are just some of the features that make the Yaham Lumiway 3 series one of the best area lighting solutions on the market. This family of LED fixtures is also a great choice for the full cutoff and high mast lighting needs of a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

The Lumiway 3 series is a powerhouse when it comes to energy efficiency, and it’s also waterproof to boot. The family is comprised of 18 LED light engines, and the highest powered luminaire in the series produces a 99,000 lumen output. In fact, the most powerful luminaire in the series uses less than half the electricity of its predecessors.

The most exciting feature is the intelligent lighting control system. This intelligent system is based on a Power Line Carrier, and it is capable of saving energy in the range of 50%. The perks of this system include the ability to switch between different types of lighting, as well as the ability to dim the lights with no extra wiring required.


AEON LED high mast lights are highly energy efficient. They are more affordable than the conventional HID bulbs. These fixtures require less maintenance and have an extended lifespan. They are also more durable and withstand harsh outdoor conditions. These fixtures are ideal for outdoor applications such as parking lots, roads, sea ports, and railway yards. They also offer excellent beam spreads and are flicker-free.

Aeon high mast lighting systems are user-friendly and can be dimmed instantly. They also have flexible beam spreads and are made with state-of-the-art LED technology. and they are the most effective method of illuminating outdoor areas. They are ideally suited for parking lots, roadside, railway yards, and airports.

These high mast fixtures are mounted on a tall pole and aim their lights toward the ground. These fixtures provide a safe environment for customers and employees. They are waterproof, which makes them ideal for use in parking lot lighting. They also offer a variety of installation options, such as Direct-Wire and Plug-and-Play.


Compared to the old fashioned HID lamps, the Polaris LED High Mast Light is a very innovative product that produces a good amount of light at a minimal energy consumption. The lamp is also eco-friendly and a perfect replacement for large area lighting and sports lighting applications. Its patented heat disipator maintains the junction temperature of the LED.

Its features include a variety of angled lenses and an adjustable mounting bracket. This innovative pencahayaan lamp is powered by Lumileds SMD3030. The high quality chip and control mechanism of the LED assures longer life and fewer maintenance costs.

This lamp’s 250W wattage output offers an efficiency of 130-140 lumenes per watt. Its patented Meanwell or Sosen controller and braket pemasangan ensure that the lamp will function properly for many years to come. This is a great choice for those who need a large area lighting solution, especially for port and airport applications. It has a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours.

Overvoltage event

Frequently, high mast lights are installed close to electrical equipment such as lightning strike, transformers and capacitor switching. These events can result in overvoltage transient surges in the AC power lines. These surges can cause damage to the LED module board, LED module and safety insulation and power supply unit. In order to avoid these overvoltage events, the lighting installation can be protected by a surge suppression circuit. This will minimise maintenance and help extend the useful life of the lighting installation.

This is not a difficult task. All that is needed is to define the overvoltage environment and to provide the necessary detail. This will allow engineers to duplicate the effects of field overvoltage in a laboratory. The next step is to review the IEEE and IEC documents for guidance on the environment. The application guides will provide more specific guidance for specific situations. The application guides will also present examples of coordinated approaches to protecting the lighting installation.

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