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Exploring the Best Electric Scooters Under 1.5 Lakh: The Ultimate Green Commute

In recent years, the popularity of electric scooters has skyrocketed as people strive to embrace sustainable modes of transportation. With advancements in technology, electric scooters have become a reliable and eco-friendly alternative to conventional fuel-powered vehicles.

In this article, we will dive into the world of electric scooters under 1.5 lakh, exploring their features, performance, and overall value for money.

Hero Electric Optima HX500:

Starting off our list is the Hero Electric Optima HX500, an affordable yet efficient electric scooter. Priced under 1.5 lakh, it offers a powerful 550W motor and a top speed of 42 km/h, making it ideal for urban commuting.

With a range of approximately 110 km on a single charge, this scooter boasts impressive performance. Additionally, its sleek design, LED lights, and spacious storage compartment make it a practical choice for daily commutes.

Electric Scooters

Ather 450X:

The Ather 450X is another top contender in the electric vehicle market. Although slightly pricier, it delivers exceptional performance and a host of cutting-edge features. With a top speed of 80 km/h and a range of 116 km, it is perfect for both city rides and longer journeys.

The Ather 450X also comes equipped with a 6 kW motor and fast-charging capabilities, ensuring minimal downtime. Moreover, its modern design, responsive touchscreen dashboard, and connected features make it a futuristic choice for tech-savvy riders.

TVS iQube Electric:

TVS Motors, a renowned brand in the two-wheeler industry, offers the TVS iQube Electric as its contribution to the electric scooter segment. Powered by a 4.4 kW electric motor, it provides a top speed of 78 km/h and a range of approximately 75 km. The iQube Electric stands out with its exceptional build quality, stylish appearance, and comfortable seating. Additionally, it features smartphone connectivity, allowing riders to access useful information and control various aspects of the scooter through an intuitive app.

Bajaj Chetak:

A legendary name in the Indian two-wheeler market, Bajaj, has stepped into the electric scooter arena with the iconic Chetak. This retro-styled scooter exudes elegance and sophistication while maintaining its eco-friendly nature.

The Bajaj Chetak offers a range of 95 km on a single charge and a top speed of 60 km/h, making it suitable for urban commuting. With its IP67-rated battery pack and regenerative braking system, the Chetak guarantees reliability and efficiency, all while preserving its classic charm.

Okinawa iPraise+:

For those seeking a budget-friendly option without compromising on performance, the Okinawa iPraise+ is an excellent choice. Priced competitively, this electric scooter offers a range of 139 km on a full charge, making it perfect for longer rides.

The iPraise+ is equipped with a 2.5 kW motor, allowing it to reach speeds of up to 75 km/h. With its comfortable seating, ample storage space, and fast-charging capabilities, it ensures a hassle-free and enjoyable riding experience.


As electric scooters continue to gain traction in the Indian market, the options available under 1.5 lakh are becoming increasingly enticing. The Hero Electric Optima HX500, Ather 450X, TVS iQube Electric, Bajaj Chetak, and Okinawa iPraise+ all provide outstanding features, performance, and value for money.

Whether you prioritize speed, range, design, or connectivity, there is an electric scooter on this list that suits your needs. Embrace the future of transportation and make your daily commute greener and more sustainable with one of these exceptional electric scooters.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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