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Explore some common types of bail bonds

When talking about bail, all bonds differ in type; seven different kinds of bail bonds are at defendants’ disposal for use. Each type of bail bond varies in prerequisites that the defendant must meet. They are as follows:

  • Surety bonds
  • Property bonds
  • Recognizance release 
  • Citation release
  • Cash bail
  • Federal bail bonds
  • Immigration bail bonds

Surety bonds

The most standard form of bail bond is the surety bond. Typically, these come through bail bonds companies and usually cost a tenth of the total amount required for bail. Often the bail amount is settled at a value much higher than an average person’s budget. Since most people cannot afford the cost of their bail, they resort to purchasing a surety bond from a bail bonds company. They can then pay back to the company later.

At Castle Bail Bonds Columbus, it is relatively simple to acquire a surety bond in case one gets arrested. After the judge sets a bail amount, one only needs to contact the bail bonds company. This company then informs the said party of its financial obligations. It is now responsible for paying for the bail in full after getting the collateral, 10% fee, or both. One only needs to meet all appointments and court dates after that.

Property bonds

With a self-explanatory title, properties are used as collateral in property bonds in place of cash(as in the case of surety bonds). To secure a property bond, use the full rights of the property. Real estate properties become standard collateral in property bonds, but it is very time-consuming to ensure a property bond; the inspection and paperwork may sometimes even take weeks.

Recognizance release

With a recognizance release, the defendant does not pay anything to be released upfront. But the recognizance release is upon the sole discretion of the arresting officer, though the defendant must become prepared to fight for their freedom in a court of law if the need arises.

Citation release

 A citation release occurred when the defendant was not arrested in the first place, only given a citation (generally for traffic offenses). A citation release bond cannot get appealed or discharged; in such cases, it is upon the discretion of the officer in charge.

Cash bail

As the name goes, cash bail hinges on cash in full. Once the trial has ended after successfully appearing for all appointments and court dates, the court returns the entire bond cost. Thus, by far, this is the best available option if the defendant has that extra cash.

Federal bail bonds

Bail bonds for federal offenses are known as federal bonds. Unfortunately, these bonds are usually quite expensive and not easy to obtain by the commoner. Professional help is often required when dealing with these types of bonds.

Immigration bail bonds

The immigration bail bond is one more distinct type of bail bond that exists for offenses committed by foreign individuals only. These types of bonds have stringent requirements, are often complicated, and take a long time to complete. It is wise to employ a professional company that is licensed to help.

When it comes to bail bonds, one must not hesitate to hire professional help for bail bonds when in need.

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