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Explainable AI: Making Smart Machines Talk Plain English

Explainable AI (XAI) is an approach to artificial intelligence and machine learning that aims to make the output and decisions of AI systems understandable and interpretable by humans, especially non-experts. With the applicability of AI technologies pervading every business segment and industry, non-technical professionals too need to work with AI. This calls for a technology that can make machines understand and communicate in plain language that is understood by the layman. XAI is that technology.

An updated Artificial Intelligence Course will include coverage on XAI. 

How XAI Works

Here is how XAI works:

  • Interpretable Models: XAI focuses on using models that are inherently interpretable, such as decision trees, linear regression, and rule-based systems, as opposed to black-box models like deep neural networks. 
  • Feature Importance: XAI techniques help identify which features or variables are most important in making a prediction or decision. This helps users understand why a model made a certain prediction. Thus, someone who has acquired a background in XAI by attending an Artificial Intelligence Course, will understand how AI models can make accurate predictions in spite of not being oracles or soothsayers. 
  • Local Explanations: XAI provides explanations on a per-instance basis, explaining why a model made a specific prediction for a particular input. This is especially useful for understanding individual cases in medical diagnoses or financial decisions. Enrol for a domain-specific course, such as an AI Course in Bangalore, Mumbai, or Chennai tailored for the domain you are concerned with. 
  • Visualisations: XAI uses visualisations such as heatmaps, bar charts, and line plots to illustrate how different features contribute to the model’s output. These visual aids make complex models more understandable.
  • Natural Language Explanations: XAI translates model outputs into plain language explanations that can be easily understood by non-experts. This helps build trust in AI systems and enables users to make informed decisions based on the model’s output. A research-oriented Artificial Intelligence Course will equip one to develop algorithms that will rework AI outputs to transform them into language that is understood by non-technical users as well. 
  • Interactive Interfaces: XAI tools often include interactive interfaces that allow users to explore and manipulate the model’s behaviour, gaining deeper insights into how it works.


Overall, Explainable AI is essential for building trust in AI systems, especially in high-stakes applications where understanding the reasoning behind a decision is crucial.

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Kaifi Ahmad
Kaifi Ahmad
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