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Expert Tips for Creating a Flawless Dip Powder Mani Every Time

It is not difficult to say why dip powder nails are in the limelight these days. Their versatility makes them one of a kind. Whether you want the flexibility of a gel or acrylic durability dip powder has it all. They can last for over two weeks if applied correctly. So, assuming that dip powder can cover all your nail styling needs in one go won’t be wrong. You will have the authority to have the nails of your dreams. Though there are many options available other than dip nails, these other options are not as fine as dip nails are.

Dip powder nails and a few tips to have flawless dip powder Mani

If you think that dip powder nails are new then you are wrong. They are there for as long as this nail salon industry is. However, because of many other techniques and procedures, they lost their place. It is quite recently that they gained their spot with a massive comeback with a variety of improvements. Nail techs put a lot of effort into reviving the status of this procedure. So, now we will share some tips that are exclusively from nail experts and techs to have flawless dip powder mani every time.

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Without any further ado, let’s get straight into these tips for which you are here.

Stay away from water

The first and foremost tip that all nail experts share is to stay away from water if you don’t want to ruin the look of your dip nails. We are not saying that you won’t be washing your hands as long as you are carrying these nails. All we are saying is just avoid water while your nails are in the process of getting dip powder as dip systems are not compatible with water which can increase the drying time that affects the shine and shape of the nails.

Remove nail oil

To ensure the setting of dip powder on nails any unnecessary oil must be removed from the nails. In fact, it would be best to medium grate the nail beds to create a rough surface that will allow the better setting of dip powder on nails. Even a small amount of oil can affect the nail bonding with dip powder. However, be mindful that after grating the nail don’t apply the powder directly. You have to apply the bonder or dehydrator to create the bond that is necessary to keep the powder nail intact.

Less is more

Particularly in the case of dip powder nails, this principle holds key importance. If you apply the thick layer of powder, it will definitely look unnatural and can even crack easily. Thus, the better practice is you apply a thin layer first on the middle of the nail. Avoid spreading powder on the sides and the tips. After applying the powder layer in the middle, go for the second layer from the edges to the tips. It will not only help in creating the C-type illusion it will also give the natural look to your nails. As the powder would be thin around the cuticle it would be easy to remove them later on and you won’t have to compromise your nail health.

Shake your nail powder before use

As shellac nail polish is so fine in texture so it can easily form clumps if left for some period. These clumps can even cause the improper bonding of powder with nails that are easy to break. So, shaking or rolling it before use would be great for the application. You can also keep the powder upside down to prevent this issue. As when you turn the bottle gravity will do its work and you will have the fine powder without any problem.

Wash the brush after every use

Dip powder can stick to your bushes quite quickly, so it would be best if you wash your brush after every use to avoid the contamination of your products. To avoid the clumpy application of base coat, activator, and top coat you need to make sure that your brushes are squeaky clean.

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The five tips which we discussed in detail above are from nail experts, so you can follow them without giving them a second thought. In case, you want the best nail services you can always reach My Aria nails anytime. So, we hope we will see you soon till then best of luck with your nails.

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