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Exercise Trampolines: How They Can be Beneficial to Your Health

Jumping on trampolines in the backyard can remind you of your happy childhood days. But are you aware that you can also use these bouncy trampolines for workouts? Workouts with trampolines are sometimes referred to as rebounding.

It involves doing aerobic exercises on a mini trampoline with bars. Out of the different types of trampolines, indoor trampolines are a handy choice for space-constrained people. This trampoline can help you get the desired outcomes from your workouts compared to outdoor trampolines.

Indoor trampolines are available for persons of all ages. And if you’re just beginning to get interested in trampolining, you must know its health benefits. We did the hard work for you and have a scoop on why these workouts are important. 

The Benefits of Trampoline Exercises to Your Health

Trampolining is not just a fun activity but it’s also a great way of exercising. The simple act of jumping up and down provides a lot of health benefits. Let’s discuss some of these benefits to convince you to get on with a fitness trampoline.

  1. It Builds Strength

Unlike targeted training, jumping involves the use of multiple muscles. It requires the use of the entire momentum of your body. This forces all the different muscles of your body to work simultaneously.

Remember that you need to maintain a good posture and balance while trampolining. Thus, trampoline workouts for beginners will help you to build your muscles. Your core muscles work to keep the whole body stabilized. They also help with providing much-needed support for all movements.

You can mix in leg lifting exercises during your jump in a sturdy fitness trampoline to emphasize your core stability. That may include bringing your knee to your chest while jumping. The jumping action also helps to build strong gluteal muscles. This serves to control your body’s ability to manage descent. 

  1. It Relieves Stress

Jumping on a trampoline when younger was a way of having fun with friends. But if you think that trampolining is only for kids, then you’re missing the point because this activity is for everyone. It can be done for fun and you can also engage in it as a form of exercise.

Mini trampoline exercises for seniors are fun. So chances are that you’ll keep doing them because you like the feeling. Bouncing naturally produces endorphins. This chemical can give you a “natural high” as the extra fun of jumping boosts the benefits of endorphins.

Rebound exercises for seniors will distract you from the worries of your daily life. Thus, jumping up and down will keep you from worrying about the day’s events and you’ll have time away from your thoughts. You can just deal with whatever it is later on.

Since endorphins help with improving mood, workouts on a mini trampoline are recommended for adults with depression or anxiety. Mini trampoline exercises are better for your mood compared to other types of exercises. That’s because they help to improve the flow of oxygen to your body and the brain. 

  1. It’s Good for Your Heart

Workout with trampoline helps to get the blood flowing. They also strengthen the muscles as mentioned and help you find better balance and coordination.

Trampolining is particularly effective as a cardio exercise. Compared to jogging, a lot of calories are burned while jumping. Also, you’ll hardly feel tired even as your heart beats faster than before. This will motivate you to want to rebound even more. Below are more ways in which trampolining for weight loss benefits your heart:


  • It has anti-aging benefits. The intensity with which our health pumps blood gradually reduces as we get older. Our lungs also lose capacity, and the bones lose mineral content as the muscles get weaker. This is the aging process and exercising is the only way to slow it down. 30 minutes on a fitness trampoline will have your heart pumping blood faster than it has in a long time.
  • It makes the heart stronger. Increasing your heart’s performance by trampolining ensures that you never run ragged in your daily activities. A better heart performance ensures that blood is pumped with fewer beats. It also means that your resting heart rate is significantly lowered.
  • Low blood pressure. Leaps and rebounds help to relieve stress and allow oxygen to circulate much faster. As a result, the body gets an increased red blood cell count and low blood pressure. 
  1. Trampolining Improves Your Lymphatic System

Lymphocytes are specialized white blood cells that protect and defend the body against illness. Their job is to destroy invading bacteria and viruses in the body.

Trampolining helps to move lymphatic liquids around the lymphatic system. Also, 10 minutes of workout with trampoline triples the number of white blood cells in the body. These elevated levels remain in your system for up to an hour after trampolining.

Think of it like this, imagine having three cleaners in your family home instead of one. The home becomes cleaner much faster compared to if you only had one cleaner. It also helps to ensure that no place is overlooked during the cleaning. Regular rebounding helps to ensure that your lymphatic system is more effective.

  1. It Aids in Body Detoxification

Removing toxins from the body is the primary role of the lymphatic system. While doing this, it works in conjunction with the liver and the kidney to flush out toxic products from your system.

The lymphatic liquids in our bodies flow in an upward direction. The vertical movements created by jumping on a trampoline help to move the lymphatic fluids around the body. Thus, trampoline exercises for beginners help the lymphatic fluids to circulate better compared to running or walking.

But the lymphatic system isn’t the only one that benefits from trampolining as the digestive tract also reaps some rewards. Regular trampolining causes your muscles to contract and relax. Strengthening the muscles in your digestive tract enables the body to absorb food nutrients more efficiently.

If you start trampolining regularly, you should also cut back on refined and overly processed foods. This will help you to notice all the associated health benefits much sooner. Some of these benefits include better sleep, more energy, and healthier skin.


It’s important to note that life doesn’t always go according to plan. So don’t feel pressured to do a double amount of trampolining to make up for the lost time. Your body will not notice a day’s loss of trampolining.

But increasing your trampolining from say 20 to 40 minutes will push you beyond your current fitness level. It will have you reap all the health benefits from trampolining.

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