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Everything You Need to Know About Love Birds

It is a common misconception that you should never possess a lovebird by itself and that the birds must always be housed in pairs or else they will suffer from clinical depression and eventually pass away. Although it is true that they are very social birds that thrive on interaction and need to be socially engaged, in most situations, bird owners should maintain lovebirds as solitary pets rather than as part of a pair.

This is due to the fact that these birds breed easily in captivity, but the majority of people who keep birds do not have the resources necessary to properly care for a complete parrot family. It is important to keep in mind that birds that are kept together in captivity have a propensity to form strong bonds with one another and avoid interacting with people.

Those who want their bird to be affectionate and willing to be handled by human hands have found that it’s best to keep birds by themselves and devote as much time as possible to playing and socializing with them so that their needs are met. Those who want their bird to be affectionate and willing to be handled by human hands should keep birds by themselves.

Lovebirds, like other parrots, are very active birds that require a good deal of activity in order to maintain their optimal level of physical health. Those who are interested in adopting a lovebird must be willing and ready to provide their feathery companion with a bird-safe space to play outside of its cage for a number of hours each day.

This will not only provide the necessary cerebral stimulation that these highly clever animals require, but it will also help the bird to exercise all of the muscular parts that it needs to keep healthy.

Guide written by: Michaele Salahi

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