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In your haste to set up a website that draws in huge traffic, perhaps your SEO agency has made some big mistakes. Some of them are mentioned below…

Not using your keywords well enough:

There’s a particular way of using keywords associated with your business–neither underuse them nor overuse. Using them insufficiently means the search engines won’t pick them up, so you lose out. By using them too often, you could be seo agentur fined for spamming or keyword stuffing.

Somewhere between these two extremes is where you should be–between three and eight percent keyword density. Also, don’t draw any unnecessary attention to your keywords like highlighting them in yellow or magenta as this doesn’t help from the search engine’s aspect.

Doing link-building agressively to increase your site’s traffic, is now passe. On the contrary, it can attract fines. Due to the constantly changing SEO rules, it’s best to use a traditional link-building method over a period of time.

Not linking internal pages well:

It’s not enough for your site to have links directing other sites to it. Within the site, the pages should be linked well too. Such a well-knit structure pleases even search engines, besides giving you an opportunity to place anchor text as a link to several other pages of your site.

Overdoing the industry lingo:

Though it makes sense to use industry jargon when you’re trying to draw in traffic to your site, but apart from people of your industry, there are others out there who also check out your site. For them to read your content, ensure that it’s simple to read and understand, or it won’t be long before they leave your site for another. This will give you high bounce rates, so your online conversion rates will also be low.

Some professional SEO services think that perhaps, the easiest way of getting links to your site is to contribute content to article directories. But surely, you needn’t spread yourself so thin that you use just this one method of linking back to your site.

Instead, use anchor text, write blogs, press releases, and link back from a variety of social media sites so that your SEO strategy comes across as well-rounded and complete. Try out a few of these and see what suits your site best, in rankings and bringing in the traffic you need.

Not seeing what converts to sales with Analytics:

When SEO brings in huge amounts of traffic, it’s done merely half its job. The other half lies in converting those prospects into definite customers. If you’ve been thinking that high-ranking words and phrases. you’ll be surprised to find that low-ranking keywords bring in traffic because they are more specific. so, how do you know what works for you?

Use an Analytics package to check out which keywords and keyword phrases convert to sales best for you and which ones are actually working for you. Once you know this, take the next step by optimizing your site entirely with all the words you have.

The Types of Services an SEO Agency Can Provide

Most SEO Agencies serve their purpose but it’s fair to say that without doubt, some are better than others. Most of what can be achieved with SEO can be achieved in-house. The majority of SEO that will most likely need to be done on a simple, basic services site for a small business can be done by one person. Whether or not you need an SEO Company depends on your objectives and your own technical competence – take the time to learn SEO and providing you don’t have a large website or an E-Commerce store, you will most likely have little to no problem in achieving your objectives. Where an SEO company comes in is to add an additional value, where you may manage to cover off most of the important factors with regards to optimisation, an SEO Company can certainly help when it comes to obtaining that extra 10%.

The typical SEO Agency

The typical SEO Agency will offer a full SEO Service – this usually includes a full keyword research document, full technical website audit, a campaign brief and, where relevant, an SEO Campaign plan that outlines activity on your SEO Campaign for the next 3 months. Out of all these initial set-up documents, the two most important by far and away are the keyword research document and technical website audit. The keyword research document is the cornerstone of any SEO campaign. Identifying the right keywords, the keywords that will drive revenue to your seo website, eight at the beginning of the campaign is of the utmost importance in ensuring that your campaign heads in the right direction. The technical audit should cover all the main on-site and on-page factors and should provide you with an indication of where your site is at currently and where it needs to go.

The next step in any SEO Campaign is the link building or monthly actions phase, and this is usually where SEO Companies make their money. Some SEO Companies have been known to charge in excess of £200 for what they term an “optimised article submission” – this activity can be completed free of charge by any customer within the space of about 20 minutes. Additional activity on the part of the SEO Company will include directory submissions, press release submissions and perhaps some link scouting activity – all of these submissions will be charged at highly inflated prices over what it would cost the consumer ordinarily to purchase or make the submission directly.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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