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Enneagram Coaching Certification

Having Enneagram certification will allow you to coach clients effectively and provide results-oriented coaching. It also enables you to help your clients make changes and achieve their goals. It also helps you gain a deeper understanding of yourself. There are several types of certifications you can get. 

Integrative 9

Enneagram certification is a great way to understand this personality type in-depth. The system is an effective way to identify your inherent motivations, conflicts, fears, and self-limiting beliefs. It can also be helpful in personal development and relationships. Fortunately, there are several courses available.

Integrative nine and Cloverleaf are two organizations that offer Enneagram certification courses. They provide a variety of features, including in-depth assessments, information on the nine Enneagram personality types, and a one-on-one review session. For the Level One Enneagram Certification, you will spend $1,785, while the Skilled and Master training packages cost $4997 and $6997, respectively.

This certification will allow you to become a Certified Advanced Teacher of the Enneagram Spectrum Method. The course includes 12 modules of study and requires a written exercise. Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate and 24 Continuing Education credits as a Certified Advanced Teacher. This certification will allow you to use the Enneagram as a powerful tool for helping others and will also help you develop your relationships.

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The Enneagram certification can be used for individual coaching, team, and organizational development. It includes training on Enneagram concepts and access to the leading technology from Cloverleaf. The Enneagram certification can deepen personal relationships and enhance professional relationships.

Level One Enneagram

The Level One Enneagram certification program includes five modules that guide students through the Enneagram model. Each module builds on the previous one and features experiential practices. Students are advised to understand how the Enneagram works as a system to transform the human experience.

Level One focuses on introducing the system and its foundations. It also provides a history and contextual context for the system. The course will prepare participants to teach the Enneagram to others. It also includes a comprehensive study of the system’s 27 subtypes.

The Enneagram certification program is self-paced and includes online modules that introduce students to each type. It also provides knowledge assessments and individualized coaching feedback. Passing these assessments requires an 85% score. Enneagram certification is awarded upon completion of the online program. It also includes a free three-month membership to Enneagram JAM.

This course covers topics such as resistance to living in a body, the split between spirit and body, and the virtues and wisdom of instincts. It also explores how the Enneagram model helps us understand people. The program aims to help us understand ourselves and others better. This is why it combines lectures with interactive, experiential modules.

Once you have completed the training course, you will have access to the Facebook community, where you can learn more about the program and connect with other students. This community is an excellent place to continue your discovery process. Students can share ideas and ask questions about the modules.

Integrative 9 Coach Starter Training

The Integrative 9 Coach Starter Training is a comprehensive online program that enables you to become an Enneagram certified coach. It features insights into the nine types and practical application tools to help you coach others. The training includes individualized coaching feedback from Elaine on Zoom and three months of free Enneagram JAM membership. You can join an online alum group to discuss and share ideas and insights.

This program combines an intensive classroom experience with virtual meetings, which allow participants to interact and discuss program materials. It also features a Facebook community that will enable students to interact with other students. Participants are assigned to a coach for the duration of the training. Throughout the program, you must attend at least one monthly Zoom meeting.

In addition to the online program modules, Integrative nine also provides extensive learning materials. These materials guide clients in their sessions and help the coach use the Enneagram to help them achieve their goals. Throughout the program, you will also learn how to use the wing and subtype reports to design your sessions and facilitate your clients.

Cloverleaf and Integrative 9 both offer Enneagram certification programs. Depending on your budget, you can choose the level of training that best suits your needs. Enneagram certification courses in Singapore can help you develop new skills and advance your business if you have a passion for empowering others through coaching.

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