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Engagement Rings: Tips for Finding the Perfect One

Choosing an engagement ring for your big day can be a daunting experience to say the least. After all, there are many things to bear in mind while choosing an engagement ring. Some people choose an engagement ring for their partner. Others choose one for themselves.

Whatever the case, one thing’s for sure: everyone has unique ring preferences. So, it makes sense that what might work for one couple may not work for another. In such a scenario, it’s easy to see why you’d need to keep a few tips in mind while choosing an engagement ring.

The following tips will help you find the right engagement ring to add some extra sparkle to your big day.

The Stone for the Ring

The number one tip to remember here is that a lot depends on the kind of gemstone you pick for your ring. Many gemstones are available today for use in wedding day jewelry. These stones include rubies, topazes, and emeralds.

Couples that want to avoid using gemstones are opting for Swarovski crystals instead. But, the couples that want stones in their engagement rings are opting for diamonds. Studies show that most couples buying engagement rings choose diamonds for them.

This goes for both mined and lab grown diamonds. This is hardly surprising considering the wide choice of diamond engagement rings available. You’ll find diamonds in every shape and color featured in these rings.

So, you have a wide choice of stone even if you want just one diamond for your engagement ring. Remember to pick a stone that matches your partner’s personal style and your budget. There’s a ring out there to suit every kind of style so this shouldn’t be too difficult.

Also, remember to bear in mind that different diamond cuts are priced differently. The round brilliant diamond is widely regarded as the most expensive diamond cut. The demand for this kind of diamond is one of the reasons behind its exorbitant price.

But, couples on a budget can buy this kind of stone if they play their cards right. You can opt for a lab grown diamond engagement ring instead of a ring with a mined diamond. This will bring down the price of the stone significantly.

But, the price of lab grown diamonds often doesn’t reflect their quality. You can choose a lab grown diamond ring in the shape you want and still manage to save some money. The stones in these rings have resale value as well.

Consider Carat Size

Another important consideration for engagement rings is the carat size of your diamond. Different couples prefer different carat sizes for their engagement rings. Budgetary constraints play a large role in these preferences. After all, carat prices directly affect diamond prices.

Some couples prefer to have a large diamond in their rings instead of a clear one. Others prefer clear diamonds regardless of their carat size. You would need to think about the carat size you’re comfortable with before you approach a jeweler.

This will help you save the time and effort needed to pick out the right ring for your partner. You can also save money on the diamond you pick if you opt for a less common carat size. The more common sizes like 0.5 and 1 attract high demand. So, they’re often the most expensive carat sizes.

Choosing a carat size that’s close to but not quite a common size will help you save money. If it’s close to a common size, most people won’t be able to tell the difference anyway.

You can opt for a higher carat size too if you choose a lab grown diamond for your ring. A 3-carat diamond engagement ring might cost less than a mined diamond ring of lower size. So, make sure to check out lab created diamond rings if you want a larger diamond on a budget.

Choose the Right Ring Size

This may seem like elementary advice but it’s overlooked more often than you’d think. Couples often forgo checking their ring finger size and end up with a ring that doesn’t fit. They then spend considerable time and money replacing or recreating their engagement ring.

Remember to get both your ring fingers measured before the big day if you want it to fit right. A tight ring can cut off your blood circulation and be quite painful to wear everyday. But, if you buy a loose ring you risk it slipping off your finger.

Large diamond retailers have engagement ring size charts to help you find your ring size. This is especially useful for those looking to buy their engagement rings online. You’ll also find tips on how to measure your own ring finger on diamond jewelry websites.

Remember to check the size chart online from the retailer you’re interested in buying from. There can be sizing differences across retailers so this is an important consideration. If you’re buying a ring offline, you can ask a jeweler to measure your ring finger for you.

Consider Your Wedding Jewelry

Finally, it’s important to consider the jewelry of your partner’s wedding day jewelry. You need to think about how well it’ll go with their engagement ring. The engagement ring should match the wedding jewelry your partner will be wearing.

If they’re wearing a diamond wedding band, consider the shape of the diamond on the band. This shape and the diamond shape on the engagement ring should be the same. If you choose radically different shapes, they might not look great together.

You can choose shapes that look similar or complement each other. For instance, you can opt for round and oval shaped diamonds for these rings. But, if you choose a round diamond and a pear shaped one, they might not look great together.

Remember that different settings affect the appearance of your ring. You’ll have to choose between pave and channel settings for the engagement ring. Then, the wedding band you choose should feature the same kind of setting.

In this way, the rings will complement each other and look great on your wedding day. Also, make sure to match other wedding day jewelry pieces to your partner’s engagement ring.

The shape of the diamond you choose should match their diamond earrings or diamond studs. The same goes for a diamond pendant if they’ll be wearing one.


These tips will help you find the best engagement ring to create a memorable day for you and your partner. Keeping them in mind will also help you save on time and money needed to find the perfect ring.

After all, wedding preparations can be stressful and you’ll need all the time you can get to plan your big day. So, it makes sense to prepare yourself to get a great engagement ring out of the way first.

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