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Emma Chamberlain Shows Her Closet (Ft. Kina & Tam)

Most of us love to wear clothes; they make us feel good and are a creative form of self-expression. Emma Chamberlain is one of the most sought-after youtube influencers on social media. Emma has garnered 8 million YouTube subscribers in just two years, and they enjoy her comedy and authenticity. Her funny videos are lighthearted, and she gives her audience an escape from the daily grind. Just like Kina and Tam’s clothing line, she is not afraid to be herself, and the audience loves that. In the same way, we shouldn’t feel ashamed to express ourselves through what we wear when we put on clothes that make us feel good or express an aspect of ourselves that we enjoy.

In Emma Chamberlain’s Fashion

The YouTube celebrity first caught fans’ attention in 2017 with her YouTube channel, which highlighted her rummaging through thrift goods that only she could find potential in. Through her killer ensembles, the actress single-handedly changed how Gen-Z dresses. Wacky to seductive! While her fans are obsessed with her style, they also love her honesty and openness about her challenges. What’s more, the YouTube star never fails to be entertaining: She has a fantastic sense of humour and can make anyone laugh.

Her thrift store selections featured graphic T-shirts, crazy patterns, and oversized striped rugby shirts. She transformed the last things into stylish ones with a straight cut, cinch, or tuck. Despite her outlandish fashion choices, she pleaded with her audience to support her vision through try-on hauls that she broadcast via YouTube. Although she frequently wears fancy clothing, she prefers comfort to couture for her street style.

Short Story About Kina and Tam

Kina & Tam’s mission is simple but essential: to create pieces that empower women through humour, nostalgia and playfulness. The brand believes that everyone should be able to express themselves via clothing—even if it involves wearing a cat onesie or sparkly unicorn leggings—and that there’s nothing wrong with embracing your inner child every once in a while.

They started their business in 2017, intending to spread love and happiness through their bold, carefree, dopamine-dressing designs. Their clothing is not just about aesthetics but has a story behind it. We believe in creating unique pieces which will make you stand out from the crowd!

You can purchase their pieces online or in stores; they are also ethical and eco-friendly. They are committed to creating a better world and ensuring their products are cruelty-free, eco-friendly and ethical. They even have a line of organic cotton loungewear! Their clothing is made from the best quality materials, so you can be sure that it will last for years.

Emma Chamberlain Wears Marionette Cardigan

Emma is wearing a Marionette cardigan by Kina and Tam, which we adore. It’s adorable—the cute pet designs all over it are a delightful touch that elevates this piece. They provide a playful aspect that makes this garment suitable for all seasons! Unsurprisingly, she’s created some unique looks in recent years. The cardigan is also casual enough to be worn every day. Emma’s personality is just like that: cheerful, bubbly, and always eager to make you laugh!

Recreate Emma’s Fashion with Serenata Vest

With its soft, cashmere-like feel, the Serenata Vest is sure to be your new favourite layer. It’s made from a blend of nylon, viscose and PPT, making it super soft and comfortable to wear. The vest comes in two adorable pastel colourways (OMG!), so you’ll have endless options for coordinating with your wardrobe.

The vest fits baggy, which is why it’s said to be perfect for layering under jackets or sweaters—or even on its own if that’s your thing! And if you’re worried about sizing down and losing that extra roominess, just size down one size, and you’ll still get plenty of room. An ethical manufacturer made it in China in a BSCI-certified plant, so you can feel good about how this product came into being—and how much it costs!

Our Top Selections to Go With The Serenata Vest

The Across the Pond Plaid Pants: Straight-leg jeans are comfy and stylish. Their rich plaid print will make you stand out. With an inner drawstring waist, they’ll always fit perfectly. These pants include two front and one back KAT-branded pockets. These pockets can carry your phone or keys as you enjoy the nice weather. The topping? These soft and durable pants are 5% polyester and 5% spandex —so these pants are both comfy and durable!

The Bloom Pants: If you’re looking for the best pair of jeans that will last, the Bloom Jeans are your best bet. It will look good on your Serenata vest. They’re made from GOTS organic denim and have no stretch, making them sturdy and rigid. The cutest hand-drawn illustrations make these jeans stand out from the rest, and they are available in a light blue wash. The high and tight-waisted fit is perfect for pairing with a high-neck top, while the wide straight leg makes them comfortable to wear all day long.

Get Set to Channel Emma Chamberlain!

What’s Your Fashion Style? Perhaps you dig Emma’s style. With many choices out there, one thing is sure; there will be something for everyone. Kina and Tam personally believe that fashion should be comfortable and fun. It is your way to express your personality and send a message of who you are to the world. After all, it is just clothing and accessories that we wear daily. Why not have fun with it? So go ahead and get set for Emma Chamberlain-style fashion!

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