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Emerald stone price in India: Unveiling the Price Hierarchy

The vibrant green hue is the characteristic feature of the emerald stone that is not found in any other stone. According to Hindu literature, the gemstone is associated with the powerful planet Mercury (Budh). The green color of the stone signifies growth, vitality, renewal, and rebirth. This green-colored gemstone in ancient culture has been related to calming and soothing effects. The famous author, Pliny, the Elder, perfectly mentions the beauty of this gemstone where the ancient gem cutters found peace in cutting the emerald stone. 

This Budh Ratna is found to be bestowed with various astrological benefits. For instance, the stone enhances love and prosperity and improves speech and communication skills. The stone stimulates creativity and innovation and is also effective in healing various diseases and disorders. The emerald gemstone in Hindi is called Panna stone. The other names for the stone are Budh Mani, Parnaya, Markat, Margadam, Maha Markat, Nilu Pannu, Zumurrud, Parnaya and Sauparnaya. The gemstone is attached with various significance and lores. Individuals have many preferences. Some might buy the stone for astrological benefits, while others may consider it an engagement ring for its splendid hue. The Panna stone price may differ according to the 4Cs. This blog features the factors that influence emerald prices in India. 

  • The 4’C’s 

The most prized Panna stones feature a vivid green color. Other than the color, many factors together comprise 4C’s. Each of these factors is discussed here.

Color: The color is the most desirable factor influencing any gemstone’s prices. One must consider the hue, tone, and saturation of precious gemstones like emeralds, sapphires, or rubies. The chemical composition of the gemstone gives it the characteristic color, which is why some stones are blue while others are green. In case of emeralds, impurities such as chromium or vanadium gives the green color. When considering the color, the higher the vibrant green of the stone, the higher the price.

Clarity: The member of the Beryl family, emerald stone features imperfections described as ‘Jardin,’ which means ‘garden.’ The internal fractures or fissures and fingerprints are inclusions standard in the stone. This fracture, however, is filled by various treatments impacting the price of the stone. 

Cut: This analysis factor depends upon the gem cutters. A skilled gem cutter must consider factors such as color, inclusion, and durability of stone. A significant cut allows the stone to reflect more light, enhancing its brightness. For instance, the emerald cut is the best for the stone, emphasizing its color brilliance.  

Carat Weight: The more the carat weight of a Panna Ratna, more is the price. However, high-carat weight emerald stones are difficult to find, and their prices vary significantly. 

  • Origin of Emerald Stone and its Impact on Prices 

Other than the 4’C’s, the gemstone’s origin remarkably influences the stone’s prices. The premium quality emerald stones are sourced from Colombia. This area’s three well-known mines are Muzo, Chivor, and Coscuez. The most remarkable stones are Colombian emeralds with darker to pure green hues. The prices of these gemstones are high due to their intense, saturated hue and few inclusions. 

  • Treatment and Enhancement of Emerald Stone 

As mentioned above, these green-colored gemstones display inclusions inside. These inclusions impact the stone’s clarity, adding to the significant price decrease. The untreated eye-clean emerald stones are rare, so their prices are higher. The treatment of emeralds is done to enhance the color and clarity of the stone. The standard treatment process involves oiling and the use of synthetic resin. Minor oil-filled enhanced stones are priced below this. 

  • Emerald Stone price in India 

The natural emerald price is higher as these are rare in origin and challenging to find. At Navratan, emerald gemstone prices range as per the 4C criteria. The vibrant green colored and inclusion-free stones are priced higher. For instance, Zambian emeralds stones also considered high-quality emeralds 4.66-carat weight are priced higher than 3.98-carat weight Zambian emeralds. This is because of the difference in their carat weight. The certified natural untreated emerald stone is indeed more valued and thus priced for being rare. The one-stop destination where one can find certified gemstones is Navratan, the online gem bazaar. 

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