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Educating parents on a Pediatric Skincare Routine that is Safe and Effective

When the moment comes to provide advice to your pediatric patients, you’ll need to have a quick summary of important facts at the ready.
Pediatric skin care might be daunting for some folks. As dermatologists, it’s our job to teach parents about the importance of prevention and help them come up with a safe and effective skin care routine for their kids. These discussions will go more smoothly because of this dermatologist’s guide, which I’ve put up to provide you with the most important facts at your fingertips.

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In this age of internet search engines and easy access to a wide range of health advice, consumers often find themselves going down a “rabbit hole” of information. As a result of the large number of parents1 who search online for paediatric skincare advice, they are confronted with a plethora of options and, at times, false information2 on skincare products for their children.
Pediatric dermatology is still comparatively in its infancy, unlike adult dermatology.
3 As a consequence, parents who do their research to learn about the finest procedures and treatments for their child’s skin frequently end up doing more damage than good. Dermatologists can save the day in this situation, so we must provide parents with reassuring, logical advice and support their children’s skin.
As a pediatric dermatology specialist, I’m used to recommending over-the-counter (OTC) products and counseling parents on the best skincare regimens and products to help protect their children’s skin. The good news is that pediatric skincare doesn’t have to be intimidating as long as you have the necessary knowledge.
Here is some advice I provide parents who are starting their child’s skin care regimen.

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When guiding parents through the OTC aisle, I tell them that the best practices for a child’s skincare routine are rather straightforward and that doing so doesn’t necessarily require much effort.
Every day, a child should take a bath with a mild cleanser and put on a moisturizer. A child’s skin is more sensitive than most adults’ skin. Therefore, they must apply sunscreen throughout the day when it’s hot outside.
Next, I suggest that parents buy three different categories of goods when they visit the pharmacy:
Soft cleaners. Any synthetics or colors should not be use in a mild cleanser. A perfect baby cleanser4 prevents oils and other pollutants from combining with water, making it easier to remove dirt and germs. I advise using gentle, secure, reasonably priced cleansers like Cetaphil and Vanicream Gentle Wash for Babies or bar soaps like Dove.
Moisturizers. It is more difficult for a child’s skin to keep moisture when several soaps remove the natural oils on their skin. I advise caregivers to consider a cream or ointment rather than a lotion, depending on how dry their patients’ skin is. I recommend CeraVe because it was make with the idea that kids with very sensitive skin need a moisturizer with ceramides.


I always talk to parents about sun protection and tell them the difference between chemical and physical sunscreens. Even though chemical sunscreens might sometimes be whiter than physical ones, using physical sunscreens helps stop chemicals from getting into the skin that could be irritating or dangerous. Also, unlike the bright white zinc-based sunscreens of the past, the formulas of physical sunscreens today are more stylish. I recommend Blue Lizard Baby or California Baby sunscreen, and I always tell parents to make sure their kids wear UV-protecting clothes and hats all summer long.
Parents may be surprised to hear that the products they choose may also help build and maintain their child’s skin barrier when they start their child’s skincare regimen. Parents may assist their kids in creating a skin barrier that is even stronger as they get older by establishing a daily regimen that includes a gentle cleanser and moisturizer free of abrasive chemicals—as well as maintaining an acceptable level of sun protection.

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