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Easy steps to get Sri Lanka Visa for U.S.A People

Despite all the bad news regarding Sri Lanka, you must know that this country is quite advanced and popular when it comes to tourism. This is because of many reasons that you would find when you reach the country. People from the USA are always interested in tourism and short trips. Well if you want to get a Sri Lanka visa for US citizens then we would suggest you read this post below. We have discussed some easy steps following which you can get a Sri Lanka visa US citizens in no time at all!

There are basically two ways to get a Sri Lanka visa for US citizens and here we have discussed both of them in detail. Let us dig into their details one by one!

Get a Sri Lanka visa from the embassy

You can get all kinds of visas for Sri Lanka from the Sri Lankan embassy in the United States. You can get in touch with the local embassy and get complete information about the type of visa you are applying for. Usually, people think that they don’t need any type of visa to enter Sri Lanka from the United States but this is not true. To answer the question, do I need a visa for Sri Lanka from USA, yes; you need a visa to enter Sri Lanka. Don’t call the embassy and ask questions like these as it puts a bad impression on your part.

Visa requirements for US citizens for Sri Lanka

Here we have listed some of the basic requirements of getting a Sri Lanka visa for us citizens. Your visa request would get accepted as long as you complete these!

  • First, you need to have a US passport with a validity of at least months. Your passport should be valid for 180 days from the time you enter Sri Lanka. 
  • You need to fill out the visa application form that you have obtained from the embassy. Enter correct facts and figures.
  • You have to attach a sponsorship letter or proof of your stay in the country.
  • Attach flight bookings so that the embassy knows when you would need the visa.
  • Other than this you need to attach your financial bank statement from the last six months. 
  • You also need to submit a report on your credit score.

These are all requirements to get a Sri Lanka visa for US citizens from the embassy. If you don’t want to get into this complicated process then you can apply online.

How to apply for a Sri Lanka visa for US citizens online?

Here you must know that the process to apply for an online visa is quite easy and even a layman can do it in less than ten minutes. You simply need to open the visa application website and fill out the digital form. Along with the form you need to:

  • Attach a digital copy of your passport and photos.
  • Provide a formal email address
  • Pay the visa fee online

You can get the online Sri Lanka visa for us citizens in less than two days at most. Does Sri Lanka have an arrival visa for us citizens is this a common question asked by travelers who have a transit flight? Well, the answer is yes!

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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