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Easy Santa Claus Very Easy Drawing For Kids | Tutorial

Very Easy Drawing For Kids attempt Santa Drawing today! In this post, you can get step-by-step instructions for making an Easy Santa Claus drawing, which only requires six steps. This entertaining lesson was scanned from my library’s vintage kids’ book. Very Easy Drawing For Kids can print out a practice worksheet at the bottom of the article that includes some blank space so you can practice on the actual page.

  • For any Christmas artist, mastering the craft of drawing Santa Claus is essential. One of the symbols of the Christmas season is Santa Claus. Examine some of Santa’s distinguishing characteristics before you form your interpretation.

Drawing a Santa Claus:

Contents display Santa Claus Drawing Features:

  • Santa Claus always has pink cheeks from being merry and spending time outside in the cold.
  • Santa always wears a red jacket with white fur trim and a matching hat.
  • Santa Claus is dressed in black boots and gloves on his hands and feet.
  • Whitebeard – Santa has white hair and a beard, yet the length of the white beard is more crucial than the white hair itself.
  • Although they are not required, glasses are a traditional accessory for Santa pictures.

Simple Drawing Projects to Learn How to Draw a Santa Claus


  • Instructions for Drawing Santa Claus Using Shapes
  • Using shapes is a fantastic technique to learn how to draw various objects. Begin by drawing a Santa Claus using two circles.


  • Instructions for Drawing a Santa Hat
  • You might wish to learn how to sketch Santa’s cap separately because it is so significant. Using Whiteboard Drawing EZ is an excellent way to get the fundamentals.


  • A Cute Santa Claus Drawing Tutorial
  • Santa Claus may also be adorable. With Draw So Cute, where everything is gorgeous, you can learn to draw a cute rendition of Santa.


  • A Realistic Santa Claus Drawing Tutorial
  • A realistic Santa is difficult to draw. However, Cartooning Club How to Draw demonstrates the process in a way that makes it seem simple.


  • Instructions for Making a Cartoon Santa Claus
  • Santa is portrayed in a variety of ways in cartoons. Cartooning Club offers a generic Santa animation. What to Draw.


  • Instructions for Making an Anime Santa Claus
  • Anime fans all across the world enjoy Anime Santa Claus. Visit Drago Art to learn how to draw this muscular Santa.


  • A Santa puppet drawing tutorial
  • Think about creating a folding surprise if you get bored with drawing graphics. You can learn how to draw a lovely Santa puppet from Art for Kids Hub.


  • Creating a Santa Claus face in drawing
  • You can only sketch Santa’s face and exclude the body. A tutorial on simply the face, replete with pink cheeks and a sparkle in his eye, is available on Art for Kids Hub.


  • Summer Santa Claus Drawing Techniques
  • Summertime is when Santa takes his summer break. Art for Kids Hub teaches you how to draw a beach bum Santa.


  • Instructions for Drawing Santa Claus in a Chimney
  • On Christmas Eve, Santa enters homes through chimneys. So go ahead and use Draw So Cute to learn how to draw the procedure.

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