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Easy Halloween Costumes for Women That’ll Be Your Best Look Yet

Cruella Costume

If you need a cute meetcostumes.com costume that you can also wear to the office, Cruella is it! This super cute costume calls for an all-black outfit with lace touches (shirt and gloves) and a black and white wig, of course.

Pearl and Shell Costume

You’re a pearl of a girl! This super cute outfit can be both a maternity costume and non-maternity, but if you’re expecting, think of the costume as “mother of pearl!”

Mean Girls’ Costume

A burn book dress is beyond easy to DIY, and it’s such a unique wardrobe piece to show off throughout the year. Don’t want to burn books? This blogger also has a hilarious Karen costume.

Photo Strip Costume

Shockingly enough, we didn’t always point and shoot-photos on our phones. Kick it old school with a fun, black-and-white photo strip.

Vintage Clown Costume

There’s really nothing spookier than a vintage costume. And a vintage clown costume? That’s basically spooky Halloween.

Sandy Costume

Sure, “Good Sandy” is cute and all. But you can’t beat the “Bad Sandy” entrance she makes at the end of Grease. This is one of the most classic Halloween costumes ever, and all it takes is a little pleather and some lipstick.

Cher from ‘Clueless’ Costume

Ugh, as if! Channel your inner ’90s girl with this instantly recognizable costume. Since Cher was the fashion queen at her high school, you’ll look beyond cute in the yellow plaid skirt and blazer. Don’t forget the flip phone!

Cactus Costume

You don’t need much to throw together this sweet DIY cactus just a green dress, a headband, and a bit of yarn! If you can swing it, a pair of green heals really pull the whole thing together.

Bubble Tea Costume

Turn yourself into a sweet, delicious Halloween treat! Bubble tea fans are lucky because this adorable costume only requires supplies you probably already have at home.

Technicolor Costume

Sometimes, a concept costume is the most fun to pull off because no one else has the look! This bubbly, view more technicolor costume is fun because you get to go really creative with your makeup and wear a striped wig!

Mason Jar Filled with Fireflies Costume

Teens and adults will be obsessed with your firefly costume. The “fireflies,” are made up of sparkling little lights and the blogger even shows you how to add the “Ball” logo on the Mason jar suit!

Popcorn Costume

Who knew popcorn could look so cute? Apparently this blogger did. All you really need is some red construction paper and a white dress for the box. Just watch out for sharp objects, so you don’t pop the yellow balloons!

Space-Age Costume

Going to a Halloween party? You just might want to make a glowing entrance in this futuristic getup. Chunky silver glitter is used for “lipstick,” and who doesn’t love a flashy wig?

Pie Slice Costume

Fun fact: Ree isn’t actually the biggest fan of pumpkin pie. So, good thing personal preferences don’t matter with this costume! Customize your adorable pie slice to whatever flavor most appeals to you.

Pantone Costume

No one ever said you can’t be a color for Halloween! Put a spin on it by adding black letter stickers to your solid color outfit to turn into the color matching system.

Head in the Clouds’ Costume

This cloud costume is the best if you’re looking for an easy, moveable costume that’s cute too. The blogger offers a simple template for the clouds so you can embellish the shirt in no time!

Picnic Costume

We love a quirky Halloween Fancy Dress! This costume wins the award for being deliciously delightful. Grab some gingham fabric and paper plates and you’re halfway there.

Toast with Butter Costume

Transform into a pillowy, buttery slice of tasty bread! Don’t worry, the costume is made of thick foam, topped with yellow fabric for the butter.

Cool Cucumber Costume

This is another concept costume that’s beyond fun. You might already have a few green clothing staples, so simply fasten on felt “squiggles,” and you’ll be “cool as a cucumber” in no time.

Jack O’Lantern Costume

We love this costume idea because it’s baby bump-friendly and super cute. Honestly, you might want to keep wearing your cute orange dress after the holiday passes!

Chocolate Chip Cookie

You’ll love go now putting together your cookie costume just as much as you love eating real ones! Find someone to go as “milk” and you have a cute couple look.

Terrarium Costume

Tiny gardens are adorable, and you can be your own adorable tiny garden. Plus, the skirt is pretty cute!

Spider Sorceress

Merc employees enjoy dressing up for Halloween year after year and this purple-tinted sorceress is pretty darn inventive. “We don’t usually decorate the inside of the store, so the staff is the decoration,” says Ree.

Cheerful Ladybug

Ladybug costumes are beyond cheerful, and this one from The Merc is no exception! You can easily buy the whole costume, or just the wings and antenna and DIY the shirt.

Minnie Mouse Costume

Add felt polka dots to a store-bought tutu, and you’re nearly done crafting this adorable Minnie Mouse getup. It’ll take you less than 10 minutes to throw together.

Plant Lady Costume

Whether you already have a green thumb or just desperately wish you did, this costume’s for you. Better yet, you might already have all the elements you need to pull it off.

Starry Goddess Costume

Those of you who are into astrology will get a kick out of this fun idea. Temporary star stickers will help you upgrade any black jumpsuit into a bona fide universe.

Burrito Costume

Who doesn’t love burritos? Give all your friends a good laugh by dressing up as everyone’s favorite food.

Popsicle Costume

Even if you’re not eating your favorite summer treat in October, you can still dress like it!

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