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Download InShot Pro APK for Android & iOS 2022 (InShot Premium Unlocked)

InShot Pro APK is one of the most popular picture and video editing tools available for Android and iOS devices. This application considers being more advance and efficient than other mobile video editors. Millions of users benefit from this tool and make their videos more attractive and catchy for the viewers. The application has already got 500 million downloads on the Play Store. The premium features of this application can turn your simple video into professional footage that anybody would watch. With InShot Pro hacked version, you can save the final edited video without any watermark. Wanna try this application? Download InShot Pro (Premium Unlocked).

In Shot Pro APK allows its users to trim, crop, merge videos and apply special filters and transition effects that will increase the beauty of the video. Use the stickers library to make the videos frame more interesting.

What does InShot Pro do?

In In Shot Pro APK, users will have full access to its features to edit their videos. Now, it’s up to you how efficiently you use these features on the video, which is recorded from an ordinary camera. InShot Pro APK has made everything easy for its users as now the editing can be done in minutes without any hard work.

Edit, crop, embed music, create special effects within your videos and upload it to your social media account to grab more audience. Various quality features related to animations, effects, stickers and text are available in InShot Pro; join the application and start using them one by one.

Download InShot Pro APK Android (Premium Unlocked)

InShot Pro APK Premium Unlocked is a modded version of the InShot Pro app, which gives you full access to the premium features. That means you don’t need to spend a single penny on the application to unlock its membership.

Features of InShot Pro APK

A bunch of features are waiting for you in the InShot Pro app; take a look at them.

Easy Cut and Trim video option

The application offers a tool that users can utilize to cut their long footage into small clips or trim the useless parts of the video that is no longer required. Try the professional trimmer or video cutter to get more classic results.

Merge multiple videos

With the merging tool, you can join or merge multiple videos to make them one. The InShot Pro app has made merging very easy and quick. Combine and compress the videos to get one result that won’t feel different from its child clips. This will never decrease the original quality of the video.

Massive library of filters and effects

As we all know, filters and effects can increase the beauty of video clips. Considering this, now android or iOS users can pick their favorite filter from the given variety of filters and apply it to the required picture or footage without hesitation. In this application, you’ll also find a great collection of effects, including glitches, stop motion etc. These effects are fully unlocked, and you can use them according to your requirements. The options of controlling brightness, color, contrast, saturation and much more are also available in InShot Pro.

Stickers and Text

Stickers and text can help make your videos more engaging and informative. Users can access multiple texts with different cool fonts in their videos. Pick the best suitable font and place it in the right place to better interpret your video concept. Use special stickers and emoticons to make your video more expressive. Create memes, videos and pictures with them and upload them to your social media pages.

Rotate or Flip your videos

This tool allows users to rotate or flip their pictures or video to different angles. Create special visual effects and rotating pictures within the video to make things more amazing. Have fun with the up, down, right or left flips, which will be unique and interesting for the viewers.

Control the speed with different options

If you love creating time-lapse or slow-motion videos, download InShot Pro, as it offers a competitive set of options to help you create a cinematic video. Make use of the intuitive speed controls in your desired clips. InShot offers fast and slow motion options to apply to each video frame.

Download InShot Pro for iOS

You can also download InShot Pro for iOS at InShot Pro iOS 2022. All the downloading steps and their usage is detailed and available here; you must try it for your iPhone.

What’s New?

The latest version of InShot has made many changes to enhance the app’s performance. Here is the list of them.

  • 4k with 60fps supported
  • Film Grain – A new advanced adjustment tool for video is introduced
  • Minor Bugs fixed
  • New Transitions introduced
  • New pack of effects
  • New Background Patterns
  • Offering new timeline tools for effects
  • New pack of styles
  • New pack of filters including DUOTONE, NEON, SPOT COLOR
  • Supporting reverse feature
  • New Stickers
  • Speed improvements
  • Bugs Fixed and other necessary improvements

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