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How to Download Facebook Videos/Stories/Reels On iPhone and Android

The advent of social media platforms has revolutionized the patterns of communication. The conventional means of sharing information, like mail, are outdated now. People prefer using social media platforms to communicate and share information with their loved ones and friends. But, do you know that the biggest social media platform ‘Facebook’ has become one of the biggest video streaming platforms? Yes, it’s true. People use this platform to watch interesting and exciting videos. Therefore, we can say that Facebook isn’t a common social media platform. You can find videos regarding every topic on Facebook these days. However, you require a robust internet connection to watch Facebook videos. But what if a person has a slow internet connection? It will affect the quality and streaming of online videos. Here, the important question arises, is there any way to counter this problem? 

Well, the answer to this question is Yes! You can download Facebook videos for watching without an internet connection. This blog will discuss the easiest way to download videos from Facebook. So, let’s find out how to save FB videos without further ado! 

Download Facebook Videos on iPhone and Android

The assistance of advanced facilities has given us the liberty to avoid manual efforts and perform our personal and professional tasks effectively. Fortunately, we have free tools available on the web that can help to download videos from Facebook. These highly useful tools save you from downloading and installing large-sized applications on your device. However, you need an internet connection to download videos from Facebook. Once you reach the tool, simply paste the URL of the Facebook video, stories, or Reel in the given box. The tool will automatically fetch the video from FB and provide you with a downloadable link. This process enables beginners a chance to download Facebook videos without requiring anyone’s assistance. 

The best thing about using an online Facebook video downloader is that it can be accessed from any device. Whether you are an iPhone or Android user, you can easily reach a tool and save FB videos straightaway. The process of downloading FB videos on iPhone, Android, and personal computers is similar.

However, selecting an advanced video downloader is essential to get high-quality results. 

Best Facebook Video Downloaders  

There are tons of web-based tools for downloading FB videos. However, we will shortlist the most useful and reliable tools you can try for fetching videos from Facebook. 


Many of you might have already known about this online platform. Duplichecke is a popular platform for providing users with reliable and free online tools. The Facebook video downloader offered here is also second to none. This tool provides you with an easy way to download your desired Facebook videos within a matter of a few seconds. The easy-to-understand layout allows novices to download Facebook videos without facing any restrictions. This free online facility doesn’t need user installation to download FB videos. 


SmallSEOtools is another immensely appreciated platform that offers free web-based tools for managing websites, writing compelling content, and performing other professional tasks. The online Facebook video downloader on this platform is also a free tool that allows people to download Facebook videos without registering. Moreover, the super-friendly user interface of this online facility makes FB video downloading a no uphill task for everyone. 

Use Mobile Applications to Download Facebook Videos 

Several applications available on the Play Store and App Store can be used for downloading Facebook videos on iPhone or Android. You can install any application as per your preference to download FB videos on your smartphone. However, we suggest you analyze the performance of different applications before selecting a single one to get the best results. 

 Final Words 

The information we have mentioned in this blog post would have given you a clear idea about the limitations of watching FB videos online. Saving Facebook videos on your device will enable you to enjoy them without interruption. You can download unlimited videos from the biggest social media platform with a Facebook video downloader. An online facility will surely enable you to download the best quality FB videos without breaking into any intricacies. 

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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