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Discover Geotechnical Engineering: Career Scope, Salary, and Job Overview 

The field of civil engineering has expanded. There are several aspects included in the same. One such area of civil engineering study is assessing the soil’s condition. It falls under geotechnical engineering. It is a subset of civil engineering. As a part of this field, a geotechnical engineer uses the earth’s materials like rock and soil to improve and refine society.

With the intervention of technology and different tools, there has been considerable development in this field. With the help of certain software, it has become easier to assess the condition of the soil and figure out the accurate results.

Overview of Geotechnical Engineering

Already mentioned, geotechnical engineering is a study of the behavior of soil. Based on the study, the geotechnical engineer has defined whether the soil is suitable for designing the foundation, clay liners, dams, and geosynthetics for waste containment. It also studies the different factors impacting the texture of the soil, like the loading pores and soil-water interaction. All these factors have the potential to impact the soil and the infrastructure that is constructed on that land.

A geotechnical engineer has several important job roles to fulfill, and this includes design of the foundations, whose selection for reading with the railways and highways, assessing the groundwater contamination, and others.

The role in geotechnical engineering involves sample collection and visual assessment of the soil, followed by laboratory investigation where they closely assess the texture of the soil using several tests and tools. Based on the investigation, a geotechnical engineer subsequently defines the features and problems of the land.

As there has been a considerable shift in the work profile of a geotechnical engineer. In addition to studying the texture of the soil, geotechnical engineers are now also getting engaged in Jio environmental engineering. They designed the strategies for the cleanup of the contaminated soil and groundwater system.

Work Scope of Geotechnical Engineering

The scope of work of a geotechnical engineer is wide, and hence there is a growing demand for such qualified engineers. If you plan to make a career move, geotechnical engineering would be the right path for you. As a geotechnical engineer, you can find the following sector

  1. Engineering consultants
  2. Government agencies
  3. Ground Improvement & Soil Stabilization
  4. Transport & Infrastructure
  5. Resource industry companies
  6. Environmental agencies
  7. Specialized contractors

Work Profile of Geotechnical Engineering

  1. Collection of soil sample
  2. Studying the water tables and floodplains before the construction work commences
  3. Reviewing the design of the plan and matching it with the physical properties of the environment
  4. Planning the structure for civil engineering projects
  5. Ensure compliance with specified standards
  6. Using the engineering software
  7. Meeting with the clients, recommending the building materials, construction strategies, and foundations

Salary In Geotechnical Engineering

In geotechnical engineering, an engineer earns a salary of $122,176 per year or $62.65 per hour. If you are working at an entry-level position, then you can get a salary of $104,375 per year, but an experienced professional can easily earn up to $175,000 per year.


There has been a considerable rise in the demand for geotechnical engineers in Australia and other parts of the world. With a specialization in this course, you stand a great chance to enhance your earning potential. To work as a geotechnical engineer, you have to get a license to operate. Make sure that you enroll in the best college to earn a degree in geotechnical engineering.

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