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Digital Coworkers: Digital help for skills shortage

The talent shortage is real and getting worse. The current economic condition after the pandemic poses a significant challenge for employers to find the right talent. Enterprises need help to meet the talent demands due to skills shortages. Moreover, the current economic recession is forcing enterprises to operate with limited resources. 

75% of companies have reported talent shortages and difficulty hiring – The Manpower Group has reported that 75% of companies have reported talent shortages and hiring difficulties.

Enterprises need digital support to acknowledge their demands and augment their teams to complete their tasks. Digital co-workers can help enterprises to meet their work needs without exhausting their budget. 

Machines will do more tasks than humans by 2025 – WEF

% of the total task hours performed by machines in 2017: 29%

% of the total task hours performed by machines in 2022: 42%

% of the total task hours would be performed by machines in 2025: 52%

The facts above indicate the continuous growth in the percentage of tasks performed by AI-enabled machines/digital workers. The ratio is inclining towards machines performing tasks reducing the total tasks hours performed by humans. In the near future, digital workers will play a significant role in addressing the skill shortages. 

What is Digital Worker?

According to the Forrester report, Digital workers are defined as a combination of Intelligent Automation building blocks and RPA that work with other team members. Earlier the term digital worker was associated with employees having digital skills and expertise. However, recently in the technology domain, it has been described as the software robot’s category trained to execute particular tasks or processes in collaboration with their human team members. These software robots understand human intent, respond, and take action on behalf of humans; however, humans would have authority and control of the process. 

In layman’s language, the digital worker is the Intelligent Automation enabled domain expert having complete training and knowledge of the specific domain. They are immediately productive in executing critical operational tasks. 

How do they work?

1. The digital co-workers/assistants replicate every task and process from beginning to end. 

2. These software robots are preloaded with particular domain knowledge and skills to emulate humans’ expertise and execute the task with zero error. 

3. These digital assistants learn over time to improve their performance.

4. There is no supervision required for these co-workers. 

Challenges with digital workers

While integrating digital workers into your organization, you may need some help in the process. Here are some challenges integrated with integrating digital workers. 

  • Sometimes, you only have a few tasks to automate, thus, making it difficult to justify the cost of digital co-workers on your team. 
  • If the digital worker is not designed to be adaptable or configurable, you may have trouble scaling up your process. 
  • You may find difficulties with some unstructured data sources. 

For Instance:

A digital co-worker named Tara, designed to manage accounts receivable activities, can increase collection productivity by 3X. She will handle all predictable tasks such as invoicing, reconciliation, credit management, and more. The intelligent automation and machine learning combination make these digital co-workers learn and adapt to new tasks. 

The key performance indicators of Tara are:

– Automates your entire accounts receivable process 

– No breaks – 24×7 availability to execute the tasks 

– Reduces the operational cost

How Can Digital Workers Help The Existing Employees?

Reducing Employees Burnout:

The existing employees in the enterprises are under stress and burnout due to skill shortages. Having digital workers on the team will reduce their burden and stress. As a result, they will manage their tasks more effectively. 

Boost Productivity and free up time: 

The existing team needs to manage multiple tasks due to skill shortage. Enterprises can utilize digital assistants to help their existing team members automate mundane and predictable activities. These digital co-workers can handle several tasks and issues before escalating to scarce human teams. 

Fewer Errors Result in Saving More Time: 

To err is human. It is a fact that humans naturally tend to make some mistakes or skip some steps in the process. However, with digital assistants, you would have zero errors in executing the predefined tasks. The less error in the process will give other team members more time to spend on other creative work. 

Meet our digital co-workers, thoroughly trained and immediately productive in executing your critical operational tasks. Our digital co-workers are efficient, and your team is creative; together, they will boost your business.

Uneeb Khan
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