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Different sizes of outdoor TV boxes and how to choose the right one

The concept of television has been in the picture for nearly a hundred years. Nowadays, you can also see outdoor television in the market. If you want to enjoy the experience of watching television while outdoors with your family and friends, you should get yourself an outdoor television. These outdoor televisions are all-weather televisions and they are perfect when you are hosting game day watch parties, movie nights et cetera. But, to protect the wall-mounted outdoor television from water splashes, moisture, dust, bugs, et cetera, you need an outdoor TV box installed around it.

An outdoor television box is nothing but an enclosure, which surrounds the wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted outdoor television from both back and sides. This TV shield is capable of securing the expensive outdoor television from several weather conditions as well. Believe it or not, you can go for such an outdoor television box with customization in mind. Let’s explore the various sizes available in the market for this outdoor TV cover.

Different sizes of outdoor TV boxes 

If you turn to online electronic stores looking for outdoor television cabinets, you will get various models for such TV boxes. Let’s learn about these different models of outdoor television boxes based on sizes.

  • The first and most popular model is OE-32L. From the name of the model, you can understand that this outdoor television box is only 32 inches in size. It will feature a window of 810X 405. 
  • The next model would be OE-42L which features 42 inches of size diagonally. This type of outdoor TV cabinet will be perfect for outdoor TV which features a screen size of 42 inches or less than that.
  • You can also check out the OE-50L model which features 890 mm height, 1310 mm width, and one to 5 mm of depth. 
  • Apart from these, the outdoor TV cabinet manufacturers also sell other models for outdoor TV cabinets such as OE-55L, OE-65L, and OE-75L. Here, the OE-75L is the largest available outdoor television cabinet in the market. Nearly all outdoor TV sets which have a screen size of less than 75 inches can fit inside this wall-mounted outdoor television cabinet.

While choosing an outdoor television cabinet, you need to keep in mind a few factors. First, you need to be very careful about the material suited for your wall-mounted outdoor television set. For this, you should choose the front panel glass, back frame, internal mount, etc. wisely. For the back housing material, you can choose from plastic, wood, steel, etc. 

Next, you should be a little bothered about the design options available to you and regarding the compatibility of the chosen outdoor TV box with your outdoor television. You will get plenty of options for front shield styles such as clear, anti-glare, opaque, etc. 

Apart from these, also keep security, temperature control, weatherproofing, bug defense,  durability, cable passthrough, and installation in mind.

So, buy an outdoor tv cover today if you have already bought and installed an outdoor television in your garden or backyard. Don’t worry, this type of outdoor TV cover and outdoor projector enclosure won’t cost you much. But visit the online stores for this cabinet early to grab the good deals.

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John Oliver
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