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Different Fantastic Vancouver Candle Companies

Looking for locally produced candles Vancouver to brighten your living space? There are several candidates here in Metro Vancouver who merit our attention. Here are different Vancouver candle enterprises manufactured in the city or nearby towns that take pleasure in employing high-quality materials, producing handmade goods, and supporting a variety of deserving organizations.


Mala’s soy wax candles Vancouver come with appealing scents including Strawberry Shortcake, Garden Party, and also Mimosa (mandarin, grapefruit, and red currant). Along with every transaction, a tree is planted.


These sophisticated jarred candles Vancouver are manufactured with quality essential and phthalate-free aroma oils, cotton wicks free of lead and zinc, and all-natural soy wax. The candles from Homecoming are also completely vegan, cruelty-free, and devoid of petroleum and preservatives. The collection of smells from this made-in-Vancouver company includes evocative aromas with complex, frequently herbal or spice undertones, such as Amber + Bitter Orange, Firewood + Saffron, and Black Tea + Pepper. As an immediate incentive, Homecoming will give the Hogan’s Alley Society in Vancouver 10% of its sales every year.

You + Me Candles:

You + Me candles are made in their candle Vancouver studio from apricot and coconut wax and have cotton wicks and perfume-grade fragrance oils. All of their products are vegan and free of both animal testing and also fur. In an effort to rid her home of contaminants, founder Patty Abbott claims to have started the company while hunting for a candle that burned cleanly. A Walk in the Woods (pine and balsam) and Mina (orange, berries, tangerines, and smoked vanilla), which was inspired by breakfast cereal and an iconic local drag queen, are two of the scents in her line-up that are “inspired by memories,” featuring “smells from childhood, travel, and the natural scents from nature.”

West End Wicks:

Here is a business that sells candles that were created in the COVID-19 era. This local newbie to the candle Vancouver industry was established in March 2020 and is situated in Vancouver’s – you got it – West End. They produce 100% soy wax candles that are inspired by local birds including the heron, crow, hummingbird, and chickadee. West End Wicks accepts returns and refills for their reusable candle tins. The Wildlife Rescue Association of British Columbia will receive $1 from every bird of Vancouver Collection candle sold.

Canvas Candle Co:

In Port Moody, the Canvas Candle Company was established in 2016. Their candles Vancouver are produced with soy wax that is entirely sourced in North America, phthalate-free fragrance oils, pure essential oils, natural cotton wicks, and also recyclable containers. Their “#vacay” candle’s combination of pineapple, coconut, and sweet basil will transport you out of a Vancouver June. Or you can enjoy “Best Coast” with its concoction of vetiver, cedar wood, and evergreen to appreciate being exactly where we are.

BC Candles:

Beeswax candles Vancouver are the specialty of Richmond-based BC Candles. This candle Vancouver Company, which was established earlier this year, is focused on both its product and its purpose and how closely they are related. Their round beeswax candles are produced in Vancouver, and the focus is on the structure and the materials rather than the fragrance. Here is how they describe their goal: “In support of Pollinator Partnership Canada, BC Candles is honored P2C.

They are committed to safeguarding and advancing pollinator health via conservation, instruction, and research, working with the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign (NAPPC). We continue to encourage the provision of freshly recovered pollinator habitat.”

The 6th Scent Candle:

A local early childhood education specialist started a side project called 6th Scent in Langley because she believes that “having a candle in my room brings out the best in the environment and also inspires me to be a better teacher.” She makes soy wax candles Vancouver in tins and also jars with aromas like Apple Cinnamon, Coffee Bean, and a few that were influenced by wine, another fantastic British Columbian product!

Hollow Tree:

For Hollow Tree, a candle Vancouver company with a credo on the value of respecting our forests, we are traveling a little outside of Vancouver and up the Sea to Sky to Whistler. According to the company, they are “about sharing the love and the wonder of the unimaginable fairy tale forests of the Pacific West Coast with you.” Look for perfumes from their Library of Trees collection like The Lions, which is named after the North Shore mountains’ alpine fir, balsam, and also cypress trees. Or there’s the entire Backpacker Series, which draws inspiration from B.C.’s amazing outdoor adventure locations like Shannon Falls or fireweed meadows.

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