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Difference Between Die Cut Sticker and Kiss Cut Sticker


Die cut stickers and kiss cut stickers are very popular and well-known stickers in the world. In this present time, stickers work as tools for increasing the popularity of business platforms and products as well. For this reason, beginners in the business field use stickers for many business purposes. There are many types of stickers and some differences are available between a die-cut sticker and a kiss-cut sticker. These stickers look similar but they are not the same. A die cut sticker has backing for cutting to the exact shape of the design. On the other hand, a kiss-cut sticker has a square backing around the design that’s bigger than the sticker. If you use the same artwork, both types of stickers can be cut into any shape. These stickers look exactly the same when applied to a surface. Read this article to know which should you choose for different purposes.

What are Die Cut Stickers?

Die cut stickers are cut straight by the vinyl and paper backing. This application should be applied to fit the exact shape of your design. These stickers are made for a great-looking sticker even before it’s applied. In this present time, die cut stickers are more popular, as people tend to prefer their presentation using these stickers. There are different shapes and sizes of die cut stickers. On the other hand, you can choose the color of these stickers. As die cut stickers are well known as custom stickers, you can choose everything of these stickers as your requirements. Die cut stickers are cut to the exact shape of the design which is the exact feature of these stickers.

What Are Kiss Cut Stickers?

Kiss cut stickers are only cut by the vinyl and the paper backing stays intact. For this reason, you can print on the vinyl around a kiss cut sticker. This process is applied to add extra style to your design. In this present time, kiss-cut stickers are ideal for delicate designs as backing. These stickers help to protect your sticker, while it’s being transported. Kiss-cut stickers tend to be easier to peel so they are worth considering quickly. If you need to quickly peel lots of stickers, they will help you very much. As you can print on the vinyl around the sticker, these stickers are great for adding extra design detail or information. Kiss cut stickers have a larger square backing to peel so that they can be printed on and protects the stickers.

Features Of Die Cut Stickers

  • Die cut stickers are able to customize the cutting process to the exact shape of your design.
  • These stickers are made of the same durable vinyl adhesive.
  • Die cut stickers are also printed on high-quality vinyl and their cutting process is cut by the vinyl and paper backing materials.
  • These stickers are cut precisely to fit the shape of your design. So, you can get the perfect size with the perfect design.
  • Die cutting refers to the process of cutting vinyl and paper backing materials. You need to cut these stickers with these two types of materials.

Features Of Die Cut Stickers

  • Kiss-cut stickers are easy to peel because they work with a larger surrounding border and backing.
  • These stickers have the same shape or final appearance, after being removed from their backing. 
  • They can easily peel and stick to all kinds of smooth surfaces of water bottles, laptops, and cars.
  • Kiss cut stickers are printed on high-quality vinyl that can precisely cut around your design.
  • Kiss cutting means the process of cutting by the vinyl layer around your sticker. You don’t need to cut them by the paper sticker backing.

Benefits Of Die Cut Stickers

Die cut stickers are custom die cut stickers to the exact shape of the design. They are working with both the vinyl sticker and the paper backing to cut into the same shape. These stickers are great for putting your unique logo or artwork on display. You can use these stickers with a clean-cut final presentation. There are many benefits of these stickers. Custom die cut stickers match the shape of your design. They are offering a personalized final sticker presentation for you. These stickers are a popular sticker that is great for a visually-appealing display. It is a great option for custom artwork and logos.

Benefits of Kiss Cut Stickers

Kiss-cut stickers have many outstanding features surrounding backing paper. They are allowing more room for extra style, info, and design elements for users. These stickers are durable, easy to transport, and great for intricate designs. They are generally easier and faster to peel than die cut stickers. You can use these stickers for promotions and giveaways with extra room for more informational details.

The Best Custom Stickers from Vograce

At Vograce, they specialize in creating high-quality custom decals and stickers. These stickers are personalized to your preferences and customized for you. You will get both kiss cut and custom die cut stickers from this brand that can be cut in all shapes and sizes. They can provide the same end result. By choosing your sticker type based on your design and display preferences. All of the custom stickers Vograce are made from a premium vinyl that’s durable and easy-to-apply. They have many features of residue-free removal. With a variety of size options, quantities, and precision-cut shapes, these stickers will help you to promote your products. Vograce has got you covered for all of your custom sticker needs. So, you can start your journey of creating high-quality custom stickers at Vograce. You can choose your sticker type and upload your design easily. They will give you a chance to choose your customized quantity and size.

Last Words

You can use custom stickers with a custom cut to get benefits for your design to stand out. There is extra backing paper for framing your custom stickers. These types of stickers are made with vinyl and paper backing. These outstanding materials are perfect for making them easy to peel, stick and transport. So, we can say that kiss-cut sticker and die cut stickers have many benefits. You can choose the best choice according to your purposes.

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