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Detailed Guide to Nextbox WiFi Extender Setup

The ever-growing high-speed internet demand can be catered to by incorporating a new networking device. Investing in a WiFi range extender has become a common practice these days as they help to boost the existing internet signal and get rid of dead spots. In case you are looking for any such option for expanding the internet coverage, then consider installing a Nextbox WiFi extender in your home.It is capable of boosting the wireless signal to the farthest areas of the home. However, to meet all the internet requirements using a Netbox WiFi extender, you need to first set it up at your home. Continue reading to know everything about setting up this device.

Prerequisites: Nextbox Extender Setup

Before getting to the setup instructions, you need to have a look at the prerequisites for the process.

  1. Non-Fluctuating Power Supply

Without having a trouble-free power supply getting a Nextbox range extender installed is pretty troublesome. Thus make sure that you have active power sockets in your home and ensure that there is no power outage while performing the Nextbox setup process.

  1. Nextbox Extender Domain Name

Having the Nextbox range extender domain name or the default web address is mandatory to complete the process. FYI, the default web address for the Nextbox is http //re.nextbox.home. You can also use the default IP address of the Nextbox range extender to complete the setup.

  1. Web Browser

Keep a supported and updated web browser ready for getting the setup process completed. How else to access the web address mentioned earlier other than a web browser?

  1. Nextbox Range Extender Login Credentials

To move further the login window you need to input the Nextbox extender admin login credentials. Thus keep these handy to accomplish the setup mission.

  1. Ethernet Cable

Finally, get your hands on an Ethernet cable that will be used to connect your wireless devices. Make sure that it has no cuts on it or it is not worn out.

Once you have gathered all the prerequisites for setting up your Nextbox wireless range extender, you can continue with configuring your device.

Instructions: Set up Nextbox Range Extender

Here is the step-by-step instructional guide on how to complete your Nextbox extender setup process:

  1. Power Up Nextbox Extender

Take your brand new Nextbox extender out of the box and connect all the accessories to the respective ports. Now plugging in the power adapter into the power socket, turn the power supply on. Making use of the UPS is recommended in case of power outages in your area. Once the extender is powered up properly, move to the next step.

  1. Connect Your Extender and Router

It is now time to use the Ethernet cable. Pick it up and insert one of the ends into the Nextbox range extender and the other into the host router. Ensure making a stable and secure connection between both devices. Also, check that you are inserting the Ethernet cable into the respective ports.

  1. Access re.nextbox.home Page

The next step is to access the domain name of the Nextbox range extender. So, launch the web browser and make your way to its URL bar. Enter re.nextbox.home and hit the Enter key. We recommend entering the URL into the address field only, as the search bar may lead to some ambiguous results.

  1. Enter Login Credentials

As soon as you access the default URL of the range extender, the next window welcoming you will be the Nextbox login window. Enter the default password of the Nextbox range extender. After you are done with making the password entry, click the button labeled Login.

  1. Do As Mentioned

Once you are logged into the Nextbox range extender, you will see the Nextbox setup wizard or the Nextbox dashboard. On the dashboard, you will see a number of instructions displayed. Keep follow them one after the next and finally complete the Nextbox WiFi range extender process.

That’s it! Your Nextbox range extender is now ready to assist you with unmatchable internet speeds. You can now begin accessing its network on various devices.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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