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Cute Kid Backpacks For Travel 2023

The finest cute kid backpacks: kids travel backpacks for all ages, tried and tested on our family adventures!

I have put a lot of work into finding the finest travel bags for kids. I am a major lover of backpacks as travel baggage.

We had terrific toddler backpacks for the kids for numerous years and I also have a nice one from Osprey I tote everywhere.

So, when the time came to acquire some new travel gear for the kids. I knew it was worth performing research on the best backpacks for children and picking models that would endure. I wanted a backpack my kids could use as carry-on baggage for one-bag travel but also as a nice day bag.

Ideally, I wanted a kids’ backpack for trips that could double up as a school bag. I had my job cut out for me!

My research occurred both online and offline.

I began checking Amazon and the web for solid suggestions for travel backpacks for kids.

Then I made a point of visiting every sports and luggage business I encountered to view the things in person.

I asked the youngsters to try them on, asking their comments on the style, comfort, and overall appeal, and I hounded more than one store employee with questions on the differences between backpacks.

All this resulted in two nice purchases (my kids ended up preferring two different ones) and a decent shortlist of wonderful backpacks for kids.

I hope my research may be beneficial to you.

Here are my selections for the finest travel bags for kids in 2021/22.

Best kid’s backpacks for kids

Below, you will see how we chose these suggested kids’ backpacks and what we appreciate about them.

It’s a lengthy guide, you may use this picture to store it for later!

A child staring at the great canyon with a Deuter bag on his shoulder and overlay text The best travel backpacks for kids
I feel the finest travel backpacks for kids are adaptable and work on trips, in the great outdoors, and for school days.

Children backpacks explained

Every time I investigate something I uncover a universe of new terminology and this occurred while researching children’s backpacks too.
Here are some of the words I encountered that are helpful to know while shopping for a rucksack:

Sternum strap – a children’s travel backpack essential!

This is the strap that joins the two shoulder pads across the chest.
This is a modest but vital component of any kids’ backpack.

It helps the bag fit beautifully on your kid’s shoulders, it guarantees it remains in a perfect position even while moving and it prevents your child from repeatedly tugging up and readjusting the shoulder straps.

A sternum strap is vital for both comfort and safety – this (and cushioned shoulder straps) are the two things I never compromise on!

Hip belt

A hip belt is formed of two straps fastened to the bottom regions of the backpack sides and linking to each other at the front of your hips.

It is the equivalent of the sternum strap but for your hips and is something you absolutely want when purchasing a larger backpack as it helps distribute the weight well across the back and helps keep it secure.

Many little cute kids’ backpacks for travel do not have a hip belt and this is fine for small bags.

As soon as you start piling the bag, however, the hip strap becomes a necessity as it relaxes the shoulders and distributes the weight of the bag better.

Compression straps

These are straps external to the backpack helpful to tighten it and make the bag smaller.

I find them terrific for making the burden more manageable on the shoulders and fantastic if using the travel backpack for aircraft travel when space is always at a premium.

Hydration pack

A hydration pack is a built-in drinking system you find in many sports backpacks, for hiking and cycling.

Kids seem to appreciate this piece of kit and I find it wonderful if you are purchasing a kids’ travel bag to use on treks.

What I enjoy about bags with hydration packs is that they may be adaptable.

While on the road, you may retain the pack without water and optimize space for your items.

On the path, you may leave unneeded stuff at home and fill it up with water!

They are used to attach goods that don’t fit within the backpack or need quick access.

For the longest time, our kids wore their Kikki Deuter small kids’ backpacks which we found fantastic

They are wonderful in a backpack for outdoor trips specifically.

Buying a travel backpack for kids: what to look for

When I went out to purchase a travel bag for the kids, the first thing I did was jot out a series of traits to look for.

I based my list on my experience with my personal backpack, what worked and what didn’t with my husband’s backpack, and most of all what worked and didn’t work with multiple toddler cute kids backpacks we went through.

Now, while shopping for a children’s bag for the trip, I propose you seek for:

Suitability for use – What will you use the backpack for?

Depending on the sort of trip you undertake and other stuff you may already have at home, you may need to invest in a more or less technical bag.

If your journey includes a lot of hiking and outdoor time, then investing in a backpack with a nice camel-back hydration system for instance is a fantastic choice.

On the other hand, if you are thinking of using the backpack as carry-on baggage and merely for the odd day trip, then you may want to emphasize the number of pockets over the more technical items.
Before choosing a backpack, examine carefully what function it needs to serve otherwise you may wind yourself spending over the odds for nothing.

Weight when empty – How heavy is it? A kids’ backpack must be lightweight

Backpacks may be unexpectedly hefty and this is a concern. No matter how light you pack, a hefty backpack will be exhausting for your kids to carry and perhaps unsafe for their backs.

When shortlisting the finest travel backpacks for kids, I picked only lightweight ones, so the weight on the children’s shoulders is just the minimum essential.

RELATED: if you are not convinced a backpack is the best option for your child, you may check out our selections for the best baggage for kids here.

Capacity – What capacity should the backpack have?

How large a knapsack your kid can carry depends on their age and build.

I discovered that for my young kids (age range 6 to 9) a knapsack with a capacity of 12 to 18 L is optimal.

This capacity allows for a decent day pack and can put in a packing cube worth of clothing, which means we are frequently able to utilize these packs for a weekend away as well as day outings.

The next size up, 20-25L works for somewhat older youngsters, and with 40L more you are looking at a backpack for teens or adults. This is the size I use for myself and may be appropriate for teens and taller, stronger youngsters.

A 40L children’s backpack may operate as a carry-on travel bag on aircraft and will get them fitted up for many days of travel.
Just make sure you do not stuff the bag too much: 40L becomes heavy quickly!

Tip! How can I determine the proper backpack size for my child? The quickest approach to evaluate whether a backpack is good for a certain kid is to measure their torso and then compare it with the standards on the manufacturer’s websites (torso length is generally one of them) (torso length is usually one of them).
A good-fitting backpack should be large enough to sit pleasantly on their back, dispersing the weight equally on their shoulders and hips.

Sternum strap

I am enthusiastic about the need for a sternum strap on a suitable travel bag for kids and adults alike.

Clicking the sternum strap shut helps to carry the pressure on your shoulders instantly more comfortably as it is better distributed and in the case of youngsters, saves them from the contradictory need to pull up the shoulder straps.

Wide, padded shoulder straps

Wide, cushioned shoulder straps
Wide and cushioned shoulder straps that disperse the backpack weight properly are my other must-haves for backpacks for youngsters.

Seriously have you ever carried a backpack with a little strap that digs into your shoulders?

It is not a good idea: if you look at nothing else, broad shoulder straps I feel should be it!

Best travel backpacks for kids: top picks

Deuter Kikki: best travel backpack for small kids

If you have come to my blog previously you probably already know that I am a fan of the Kikki Deuter backpack, the incredibly adorable toddler backpack with the appearance of an exotic bird.

My kids have already outgrown it but the bar was set so high by that cute kids backpack that I had to go through all of this research to be sure that the next buy would be as nice!
If you are searching for a toddler or small kid backpack, the Kikki is great (you can read my entire review here) (you can read my full review here).
It includes good cushioned, shoulders, a sternum strap, exterior pockets with velcro for little stuff like a small water bottle, and an interior elastic pocket too.
The main compartment is simple to reach and great to hold your children’s basics such as favorite toy, Kleenex, additional layer, and cup.
In 2020, they came up with a new design, and an adorable bear has now replaced the birdie — I adore the bear but miss the beak!
This is a terrific toddler bag for travel your children may take on aircraft, on day trips and hikes, and to go to preschool.

Munchkins Brica by My Side Toddler backpack

Munchkins Brica is a terrific travel bag for extremely little kids with a built-in harness, which we found essential on journeys.

When not many families appreciate toddler raincoats, we found them fantastic while on the go: our kids felt a little bit of freedom but we always kept them close!
What we love about this little kids’ backpack is that it features a big main pocket, reflective fabric patches, and a flexible, shock-absorbing tether that ensures it doesn’t cause strain to your child’s back when at maximum length.
This is a terrific toddler backpack for parents searching for a kid’s knapsack that is incredibly functional for them, as well as for their child!
The belt on the backpack is entirely adjustable and the backpack’s main pouch is large enough to accommodate a few snacks, a sippy, and other basics.

Camelbak Scout 12.5L – fantastic small kids’ rucksack with a drinking system

Another tiny yet good travel bag for kids is the Camelback Scout.
This backpackspro is constructed with hiking in mind and has a built-in hydration system but has the appropriate size for city excursions also and weekend travels, something that makes it a wonderful adaptable travel item to purchase.

The Camelbak scout includes nice shoulder straps, a chest strap with a whistle, good main compartments, and exterior mesh pockets for minor goods and water bottles.

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