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Custom Shoe Boxes Wholesale Packaging

Are you looking for a miracle to happen for the progress of your footwear brand? Custom shoe boxes are an ideal option to elevate the status of your footwear business in the market. Customized boxes with premium quality material and catchy artworks distinguish your brand shoes from the rest. The audiences get inspired by the presentation of the shoes and cannot hold themselves back from purchasing. as the customer’s trust establishes in your shoe business, the sales of the products increase automatically. Certainly, you will have a question about whom to choose for customization. there is no need to run after any other company, outreach iCustomBoxes to avail of remarkable services at pocket-friendly prices.

Construction of Shoe Boxes with Endless Customized Solutions:

We have reserved innumerable personalized solutions for our clients. You have no restrictions and can select options according to your taste. Our qualified designer’s team knows how to grab the onlookers, so they construct the box keeping in view the targeted audiences. Moreover, for the comfort of customers, we offer free guidance from our competent designers. Just convey your requirements to us and see the magic of our designer’s hands. They will make the utmost effort to create a bespoke package following your requirements.

Furthermore, our customized solutions for shoe box packaging are as follows:

  • construction of boxes in diverse custom sizes, styles, and shapes
  • manufacturing of packages with sturdy and renewable materials
  • advanced and high-end printing methods
  • boundless add-ons, finishings, and coatings

Choose the Box’s Style for Shoe Box Packaging:

Shoes are one of the most wearable items worldwide. Their sizes range from person to person. We can produce any design package in diverse sizes and shapes. However, we create the following types of boxes for shoe boxes wholesale packaging wholesale.

1. Two-piece shoe box

Most customers and manufacturers prefer two-piece due to their simple endings and openings. They are also easy to load, ship, and unload as well.

2. Tray and sleeve packaging

You can unpack the box easily and take a preview of the products. They are apt choices to keep the shoes protected.

3. Shoebox with windows

Windows act as a tool to display your glamorous shoes attractively in front of audiences. The customers can see through the windows and choose their favorite items without hassle. You cannot leave the shoes exposed to dirt and soil; therefore, we add a PVC sheet.

4. Tuck front box

Tuck front box with double walls and magnetic closures give extra protection to the packed items. These kinds of boxes are best for mailing purposes.

Manufacturing of Shoe Boxes with Durable Cardboard and Corrugated:

The entire customization process relies on the material of the box. An average-quality box will not be of any worth for printing and add-ons. On the other hand, shoes will be at risk of danger. For shoe box packaging, you require long-lasting and strong material. That’s why we employ premium quality stock that is safe for the atmosphere and shields the shoes from exterior damage. We make use of sturdy cardboard and e-fluted corrugated. Cardboard is very strong and resistible to traveling jolts and scuffs etc. moreover, cardboard is feasible for printing as well. in contrast to cardboard, corrugated, consisting of flutes, strengthens the packaging and assists in the smooth shipping of products.

Use of Laminations and Add-Ons for Superb Quality Packaging:

After the completion of printing, we employ laminations to make box packaging endurable and classy. We have:

Matt lamination:

Matt provides a soft texture on the surface of the packaging. It is non-reflective, and onlookers can easily read the printed details.

Gloss lamination:

If you have to distinguish the logo image, then gloss is an applicable option. It will add sheen and brightness to the printed images. However, it reflects the light and makes marks and fingerprints clear.

Furthermore, add-ons like cardboard inserts are added to the box to segregate the shoes and give clients a wonderful unboxing experience.

Why Choose iCustomBoxes for Shoe Box Packaging Wholesale?

Our company has been supplying its wholesale services for many years. The supply of 100% customer satisfactory service has helped us win the hearts of many audiences worldwide. Our company aims to prioritize the comfort of clients. That’s why we have incorporated some policies in our company to facilitate the clients. These are as follows:

  • free and instant quote
  • plates, die-cuts, and shipment of orders without any cost
  • 2D and 3D design mock-ups
  • quickest turnaround
  •  free of cost design support of customers
Reference:  https://tinyurl.com/bdfbpsc7

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