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Custom decorative Washi tapes and examples

Washi Tape Printing are a type of decorative tape that come in many colors, designs and shapes. The word “washi” means Japanese paper and it originates from Japan. Washi tape is made from high quality and durable paper that makes a great alternative to your ordinary masking or scotch tapes. These tapes can be used for scrapbooking, home decor items such as flags, tags and home accents like picture frames and photo albums.

Washi tapes are a type of decorative tape that come in many colors, designs and shapes.

Washi tape is a type of decorative tape that comes in many colors, designs and shapes. It’s made from paper and is very popular in Japan.

In the US, washi tape has been gaining popularity over the last few years as an alternative to regular masking tape. The main reason for this trend is due to its beautiful designs that can add color or personality to any area you choose. Washi tapes do not leave residue when removed like traditional masking tape does! They are also super fun because they come in so many different patterns and styles!

Using washi tapes for scrapbooking

Washi tape can be used to hold together folded paper before cutting it into the shape you want. It’s an easy way to give your project more structure and get a perfect cut every time!

Washi tape makes great flags and tags. Use it on gifts, cards, or any other project where you want something different from plain white paper.

Use washi tape to make paper clips—your friends will love them! It’s also great for making home decor items like bookmarks or pencil holders.

Use the washi tape to hold your folded paper in place before you cut it into the shape you want.

To ensure that your scissors don’t slip, use the washi tape to hold your folded paper in place before you cut it into the shape you want.

Using washi tape to make flags and tags

You can make flags out of Washi Tape Printing. The flags are great for parties, gifts, and other DIY projects. Use your imagination to create custom gift tags with washi tape. You can also use washi tape to make party decor like streamers, banners and more!

You can even use it to wrap presents or turn an ordinary canvas into something extraordinary by placing the tape on it before painting over it with watercolors or acrylics.

Use washi tape to make paper clips

If you’re going to be making a lot of paper clips, it would probably be cheaper to buy them already made. But if you want the satisfaction of making them yourself and also have a ton of washi tape on hand, here’s how:

  • Cut strips of washi tape about 1/4″ wide and 6″ long each.
  • Place adhesive side down on top of each other, aligning edges so they don’t show through when folded over; cut off excess length at ends once folded over (this will make it look neater).
  • Fold ends back onto themselves carefully so adhesive touches itself without peeling away from paper (you can use an exacto knife or razor blade if necessary), then fold again in half so that both sides meet up perfectly with no air bubbles between layers; trim any excess off again by folding one more time as shown above (this will ensure that they stay put when used).

Using washi tapes to make home decor items

You can use washi tapes to make a gift box, card holder, tape dispenser for your desk, or even a planner.

To make a gift box:

  • Cut the paper you want to use into strips that are around 4×8 inches (10 x 20 cm). Make sure they’re all the same size so they fit together perfectly when you assemble them.
  • Glue each strip onto one another until you have an entire sheet of paper with lots of different designs on it—this is what will become your wrapping paper!
  • Fold this piece in half so that its width is about 2 inches (5 cm) and then cut out two identical shapes from the folded piece—these will be the sides of your box! You should end up with two pieces like this:
  • Next up we need something to put our product inside of; here I decided on some tissue paper squares but anything else would work too! Cut out several squares of whatever material works best for what type of gifts/items being stored inside this container (like candy wrappers), then place them inside

You can use custom-printed washi tapes in various arts and craft projects!

Custom printed washi tapes are a fun way to add personality to your projects. You can use them for scrapbooking, home decor and labels/flags. They also make great gift tags!

You can use custom-printed washi tapes as paperclips too!


Washi tapes are an excellent way to add color and style to your art projects, while still being functional. You can use them to decorate anything from scrapbook pages to home decor items. The best part is that they don’t cost much money at all!

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