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Top Popular Chocolate Brands in the United States

Chocolates are the best sweet items that are loved by everyone. Even if you need to gift a present to someone and you are out of options, chocolates can help you serve the purpose. Chocolates are liked by kids mostly because of their sweet taste. There are also variants in chocolates they can be made with some other ingredients such as mint and strawberry flavor that could add some new taste to the chocolates. Dark chocolate is somehow bitter and mostly adults like to consume it. Chocolate brands advertise their items in the market with the help of special packaging that increases the publicity of their brand in the market. The brands utilize the services of box manufacturing companies that provide them with elegant and attractive custom chocolate boxes. These boxes help the brands to keep their items look distinctive from others. The distinctive logos and emblems engraved on the chocolate boxes can be a great option for chocolate brands to advertise their brand in the market. Customers can utilize these emblems in a way to spread awareness to other customers about your brand. Some famous chocolate brands in the US are explained below:


Nestlé is one of the top chocolate companies found in the world. It is also famous in the United States, although it is not necessarily as prominent as certain competitors. But Nestle has a good reputation in the market and has a number of satisfied customers worldwide.  The Nestlé Company was founded in 1866 in Switzerland, giving it one of the earliest companies in our ranking. Nestlé has developed substantially throughout the years, producing everything from mineral water to different food items. Nestlé seems more than simply a notable chocolate trademark. It is one of the globe’s largest food and beverage processing firms, which is seen on the first rank among the world’s largest companies that are working to promote consumer products. The corporation today works in over 189 countries, with 447 facilities producing items on a regular schedule.


Mars is the second most important and prominent chocolate manufacturer in the United States. Mars is extensively considered as one of the perfect American chocolate firms that is mainly accountable for much more than the ordinary Mars bar. The firm also manufactures a wide variety of popular confections, including Milky Way, Snickers, and Twix. These products of Mars are quite popular among chocolate lovers because of their appetizing aroma and the best sweet taste.  Mars is a massive business that exists for the past 110 years. The company manufactures products from animal feeds to sweets. The firm was founded in 1911, and the earliest chocolate bar was created in 1932. Although the firm was founded in the United Kingdom, the brand swiftly expanded to have a global appeal.


Cadbury is among the most well-known chocolate brands. The British premium chocolate company is one of several confectionery enterprises that have expanded greatly over the years, extending over the world and into the United States. This firm also belongs to the earliest in the chocolate industry, that has been founded in 1824 about 200 years ago. Cadbury’s goods range is extensive, encompassing anything from sweets and kitchen ingredients to ice cream and drinks. Cadbury also sells a variety of cookies and unique festive items in various regions of the globe.


Lindt was not always a household brand, but the corporation swiftly developed in the late 1990s, permitting it to establish itself in the markets of different regions all over the globe. And Lindt also sells the well-known Lindor chocolate bar, which was initially presented in 1949. Lindt’s merchandise portfolio has expanded dramatically since the company started.  Lindt is a famous chocolate bar with a recognized trademark for its “Exceptional” bars. The packaging solutions of the company are quite rigid and protective to keep the chocolates preserved safely. Distinctive designs of custom chocolate Boxes have set the reputation of the brand to stand out from the crowd. There are a lot of famous brands in the market and Lindt is considered a great rival or competitor to those brands because of its unique taste and the best quality of chocolates.


The Ferrero Group is also another famous American chocolate manufacturer that sells chocolate candy created in the United States. The company works globally, although its headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois. Ferrara Candy and Nestle USA are both owned by the Ferrero Group there are a lot of brands to which Ferrero proves to be a competitor. Ferrero is now accountable for a wide range of delectable chocolate and non-chocolate goods. The different items of chocolate from Ferrero company may include Crunch, Baby Ruth, Laffy Taffy, and numerous others. The Ferrero Firm is also accountable for the well-known Ferrero Rocher sweets, which are generally considered among America’s highest luxury chocolates. 

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