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Custom 120ml Bottle Boxes: Tailored Packaging for Your Products

When selling consumer products in 120ml bottles, finding packaging that properly fits and presents them can be challenging. Generic boxes fail to keep bottles secure or showcase branding. That’s where custom 120ml bottle boxes shine. Tailored to specifically fit your bottle size, shape and quantity, custom 120ml boxes keep products safe while helping them stand out.

Benefits of Custom 120ml Boxes

Secure Fit

Customized inner partitions, inserts and compartments are engineered to snugly hold 120ml bottles to prevent shifting and breakage. Products stay protected.

Elevated Presentation

The 120ml box canvas provides ample branding real estate for vibrant graphics and shelf appeal. Boxes complement bottle shapes and colors.

Efficient Storage

Box dimensions optimized for 120ml bottle boxes proportions allow efficient stacking and transport. Custom structures maximize cargo space.

Suitable Formats

Folding boxes, sleeves, rigid setup boxes and mailers can all be sized for a perfect 120ml bottle fit. Formats suit business needs.

Material and Printing Options


Durable yet lightweight. Various stocks like kraft, white, metallic and recycled available. Great printability for high-impact graphics.

Corrugated Cardboard

Sturdy with natural fiber texture. Resists compression. Doubled or tripled walls provide reinforcement. Eco-friendly option.

Spot UV & Foiling

Spot gloss UV and colorful foils enhance logos, text and designs. Specialty accents make packaging stand out on shelves.

Digital Printing

Full color digital printing ideal for short runs, versioned data and test concepts. Photographic quality at affordable costs.

Structural Design Elements


Custom dividers structured for 120ml bottles keep items neatly organized and cushioned when packaged in groups. Partitions prevent jostling.

Suspension Cushions

Bottles get suspended in cut-to-fit foam or cardboard compartments that prevent contact and friction. Reduces breakage risks. http://vividprintinghub.com/

Window Cutouts

Strategic die cut windows spotlight bottle shapes and liquid colors. Clear plastic prevents scuffing of interior graphics.

Reclosable Lids

Sturdy lids with magnetic closures or reusable seals allow convenient re-accessing of contents post-purchase. Utility builds loyalty.

Sustainable Production

Renewable Materials

Eco-friendly substrates like plant-based bioplastics and agricultural waste paper/pulp have smaller eco-footprints.

Responsible Sourcing

Vet suppliers for sustainable practices like renewable energy, ethical labor standards and waste reduction programs.

Recyclable Components

Ensure adhesives, coatings, inserts and materials can be easily recycled in common waste streams.

Reusable Formats

Designs that enable refilling or repurposing provide eco-value. Instruct consumers on recycling protocols.


With packaging tailored specifically for 120ml bottles, brands can confidently ship and display products in secure fitting boxes. Engineered custom packaging prevents item shifting, empowers shelf presence, and shows care through details customers appreciate. When sizing aligns with contents, packaging performs optimally.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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