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Curly Extensions – Types of Curly Hair Extensions

There are different hair types existent. The same goes for curly hair extensions. While some may consider all curly tresses similar, they are all different.

The difference in kinky hair pieces depends on their curl features. Each wavy mane type has a different definition due to the shape of its curls. The same fact applies to curling extensions. Curly extensions also vary by raw materials and installation method.

What are Curly Extensions | Who Can Wear Them?

Curly hair extensions are simply weaves having curls. They add volume and length to the natural mane. Wiry weaves are the opposite of straight extensions. The uniqueness of these extensions makes them a hot cake in the market today.

You can purchase the best kinky curly hair clip ins or tape-ins despite your natural tresses being straight or wavy. It is all about finding the right extensions for you. In this article, you will understand the types of curly tresses.

Types of Curly Hair Extensions

These weaves vary depending on raw materials and application methods.

Raw Materials:

Curly hair extensions can be synthetic or human hair. If you are looking for durability, then though a cheaper alternative, synthetic extensions should not be an option. Human extensions are of various hair types. However, the best are Remy and Virgin extensions.

Installation Method:

The application method of extensions varies. Installation is a factor in identifying types of weaves.


These curly hair extensions have micro clips on the base of their weft. The wefts may be about an inch long. The clips are silicone, making them safe. They attach to the natural mane after a simple snap. The wavy clip-in is the easiest to apply.


Unlike clip-in with clips at the wefts, tape-in has sticky tabs or tapes at their base. The natural hair goes between the tape-ins during the application method. Kinky tape-in looks natural since it is nearly invisible.

Weft Hair Bundles/ Sew-In:

Wavy sew-in is one of the best protective styles due to its installation method. The wefts will attach to braids or layers of natural tresses with a thread. The downside to sew-in is little access to the scalp. However, sew-in are the most secure hair pieces there are.


The installation of i-tips requires micro-links or microtubes. The application involves pressing down the microtubes with a special plier to achieve the security of the extensions. There is easy access to the scalp. These are the most comfortable curly hair extensions you can purchase.


U-tips are different from other curly hair extensions. Installation requires heat application for keratin bonds to attach to the natural tresses.

Benefits of Curly Hair Extensions.

These weaves are popular for a cornucopia of reasons. One of these reasons is the uniqueness of spiral strands. However, there are other benefits.

Some benefits of curly weaves are;

Add Volume:

Due to the springy nature of curls, they tend to add volume easily, giving natural mane a fuller look.

Protective Style:

While caring for your natural tresses, you can wear curly hair extensions as a protective style. Wiry sew-in is the best option in this context.


These weaves are often a good option for people with straight strands. With various colors and sizes, kinky artificial tresses are the best way to change your looks. A kinky clip-in is the fastest way to switch up your style often.

Each curly hair extensions have its unique features. Considering these features, you should now know the right choice for you with the help of this article.

Junaid Awan
Junaid Awan
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