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Criteria To Consider While Selecting Accounting Software For Property And Real Estate Businesses

The population density in Indonesia places it at the fourth spot on the global list. Due to global rapid population growth, the need for boards likewise increases. Every person’s highest goal is to meet their housing requirements. Numerous property and real estate organizations provide their services in leasing or selling property to suit these demands. Property and real estate companies own land, buildings, facilities and infrastructure. There are also many kinds of houses, apartments, housing complexes, flats, boarding houses, student dorms, and villas for sale or rent.

This company provides residential and commercial property and real estate, including hotels, office buildings, and retail spaces. If this company earns a significant profit, it is possible. The greater the number of sales transactions, the more complicated the record keeping will be. Therefore, this business requires a qualified accounting system, such as HashMicro’s Accounting System, to manage the recording of cash inflows and outflows more effectively and efficiently. HashMicro Accounting Software for Property and Real Estate Businesses Features

Property and real estate companies manage their money differently than other businesses. Because the company relies on one source of income, the selling of properties, various spending allocation expenses must be strictly controlled in terms of planning and realization. Before adopting the accounting system, you must be aware of its capabilities. The HashMicro Accounting System offers the following features:

1. Financial dashboard

Numerous financial transaction operations require constant monitoring of the company’s financial situation, beginning with income, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash balances, etc. A financial dashboard in the accounting system makes monitoring more efficient and comprehensive without jumping between programs.

2. Report on financial analysis

With the system, you no longer need to produce financial reports with significant error rates manually. A certified accounting system may generate financial reports, such as income statements, cash flows, balance sheets, and capital changes, automatically and precisely in only seconds. You can organize the report in multiple formats, such as tables, line charts, graphs, and circles, to make the report’s content easier to read and comprehend. In addition, financial reports can serve as a basis for evaluating and comparing past and future projects to optimize business revenue.

3. Cost Control

A financial system that cannot manage a budget will have catastrophic effects on your property and real estate company’s financial health. Expenses become uncontrolled. With Budget Management, you can handle company finances and purchases more efficiently. In conjunction with the approval matrix, purchasing products and other items will be automatically approved based on available funds.

4. financial forecasting

Financial Forecasting must be present in an accounting system as one of its essential functions. This function enables you to precisely forecast and tracks your income and expenses over a specified period. In addition, you can regulate your expenses more wisely by avoiding unnecessary costs and maximizing business revenues.

5. Accrual and depreciation

To reduce the likelihood of human error, keeping financial records using an accounting system will be incredibly beneficial. In addition, the system will automate the recording and calculation of accruals and amortization. Accrual recording occurs when you and another party offer or receive services even though no payment transaction has occurred. This technique is effective for the long-term management and monitoring of a company’s finances.

Benefits Of The Hashmicro Accounting Software For Property And Real Estate Companies

Before adopting an accounting system for your business, you must understand its function. You can further maximise its benefits if you are already familiar with the system’s features. View the following clarification:

1. Boost profitability

Inaccurate calculations will generate an imbalance in financial data. By utilizing the HashMicro Accounting System, calculations will be more precise, increasing business profits.

2. Save Time

Manual financial records are undoubtedly obsolete. In addition, manual recording is more time-consuming, especially if there is a data mismatch. Many businesses have adopted accounting systems as the recording process has grown more effective and efficient. All accounting records will be automatically recorded, including bookkeeping, depreciation calculations, and others. Thus, work can be performed faster, saving time, and workers can devote more attention to other tasks.

3. The financial data in real-time

Manual financial management is more time-consuming than using a system. In dire circumstances, you must wait for the accountant to complete the computations before making a decision. Using an accounting system, the displayed data is real-time and automatically updated. Access to this real-time data will make it simpler and quicker for you to make sound business decisions.

4. High precision

The system’s financial records limit the possibility of recording errors, resulting in more accurate results than manual recording. Due to its high precision and in-depth research, this will make it easier for you to track the financial health of each division of your property company.

Real Estate Accounting Software Selection Criteria

There are various factors to consider when selecting accounting software for your property and real estate business.

1. User-friendly system

It is crucial that the system is simple to use. Each vendor-offered system must have a distinct appearance and mode of operation. Ensure that you select a system with a straightforward interface and functioning so that accountants or employees with only a rudimentary understanding of accounting may use it easily. If the system is brutal, it will be difficult for you in the future since a sound system simplifies the management process, not making it more complex. Therefore, you must select a user-friendly system.

2. Ensure data security

The system’s data is vital, whether personal or financial information about customers. If the data is disclosed, irresponsible parties can misuse it. Therefore, you must ensure that the selected accounting system has a layered security approach to protect your data. Thus, you can handle the company’s data leaks.

3. Simplify accounts payable and down payment customer accounting (DPC)

Property and real estate companies are unquestionably inseparable from financial transactions such as purchasing or leasing a property with cash or submitting a Home Ownership Credit Application (KPR). To ensure that no transaction records are missing, you must select a system capable of automatically capturing client debts, accounts receivable, and down payments.

4. superior assistance services

When using a new accounting system for the first time, it is only natural to feel perplexed. Consequently, vendors typically offer post-sale support in the form of system training, either in-person or via an online manual. The training program is designed to teach system users how to operate the system and maximize its utility. Another option is a manual containing instructions on how to operate the product, product information, and troubleshooting steps.


Every person’s highest goal is to meet their housing requirements. Numerous property and real estate companies provide services for renting or selling property. More requests result in more sales and financial transactions. Property and real estate companies should employ an accounting system to ensure that all transactions are recorded. HashMicro’s accounting solution will assist you in correctly and automatically recording all financial activities. We offer free demonstrations for additional information and guidance on Accounting Systems and other ERP Systems.

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