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Contested divorces in Huntsville: Working with an attorney

If you and your spouse want to part ways and are ready to start divorce proceedings in Huntsville, the first step should be seeking legal advice. Even when there is an agreement on some of the critical issues, you should still meet a divorce lawyer to protect your interests. Uncontested divorces in Alabama can be completed within weeks, but when a couple is fighting over things like alimony, asset distribution, and child custody, the situation can be murky. In this post, learn more about hiring and working with an attorney.

A look at contested divorces

When there is no agreement beforehand between the separating couple, one of the spouses can consider filing the papers and serve the Complaint to the other spouse. The other spouse is required to file a response to the Complaint, for which they will usually hire an attorney. There will be following hearings, and the court will eventually decide on the critical issues. The typical reasons for contested divorces include child custody, alimony, distribution of properties and assets, and child support.

How much do lawyers charge for contested divorces in Huntsville?

The cost of a contested divorce in Alabama largely depends on how much work is involved. Most law firms in Huntsville will usually charge an hourly rate along with a retainer fee, which makes contested divorces quite expensive. The final amount could be a few thousand dollars or more, but in general, cases that involve matters like child custody tend to cost more.

Meeting an attorney

You would need to call the selected lawyer’s office for an appointment. They may ask a few questions over the phone and ask you to visit them in person with relevant documents. Once the attorney understands the work involved, they will quote a fee. The lawyer will also explain the legal process and your rights in detail, and before they start the paperwork, they will ensure you agree to their approach and strategy. If you have questions related to the divorce, make sure to put them forward.

Final word

A contested divorce can take a toll on your mental well-being and finances, and it is important to have an advocate on your side. An experienced lawyer knows the state laws and has experience working in the county. They can reduce the pressure and ensure your interests are presented well in court. There is also the scope of mediation, which can help resolve issues without letting the judge decide on disagreements.

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