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Content Strategy: why put content at the center of your marketing strategy

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We have already talked about Inbound Marketing and the importance of being found by new potential customers. The contents are very important in this process. Thanks to insights, guides, infographics and everything that can be considered useful and interesting for a user, being found by users with certain keywords becomes easier. All this is called Content Marketing . Today we will see together how a Content Strategy can help you improve the visibility of your company , improve brand awareness and, finally, grow your business.

Topics index

  1. Content Strategy: definition
  2. Content Strategy: what it is for
  3. Enhance your Brand Awareness with the Content Strategy
  4. How to create an effective Content Strategy
  5. SEO and Content Strategy
  6. Analysis of the results
  7. Conclusions

Content Strategy: definition

When we talk about Content Strategy or content strategy we refer to the planning and creation of web content. The Content Strategy moves hand in hand with an SEO publishing plan , and aims to improve and make your company’s online presence even more widespread.
As with any strategy, the content strategy must also be planned down to the smallest detail. Then you will have to define the goal, where this content will be published, the timing, the target audience who will be able to read it and find it interesting, the actions that these people should take to make your Content Marketing strategy really useful., but not only. You will also need to have clear in mind which content is most interesting for your target audience, first by making a few attempts and then drawing up a real map. Then again you will have to check your competitors: what they are doing about the contents, if they are making them or not, on what topic and with what results. In this way it will be easier for you and your company to position themselves in those gray areas or in the holes left free, in order to obtain ever greater visibility .
Nothing should be left to chance if the Content Strategy that is being adopted is to bear fruit.

Content Strategy: what it is for

The Content Strategy, or Strategy Content if you prefer, is a necessary marketing strategy if you want to reach a greater number of people. If your company site is not receiving enough traffic, the solution could be to do a Marketing Content Strategy or, if you are doing it, to do it in a different way. What you are going to do is, in very simple terms, create valuable content.
Very often, those who have a website, perhaps new and built following the rules of web design, are surprised at how little traffic they have. In reality, if you don’t adopt an SEO and Content Marketing strategy, getting traffic to your site is impossible. People must be able to find you in the enormous amount of information provided by the web, by typing certain keywords and, above all, they must be able to find really useful and original information.
Thanks to a good Content Strategy on the web, you will be able to solve the needs and problems of your audience and improve your reputation with users.

Enhance your Brand Awareness with the Content Strategy

In fact, creating ad hoc content for your company will allow you to improve your brand awareness , or rather the consideration that users have of you. Good content, useful and original, will highlight your professionalism, and people will be more likely to trust you.
Content is not only good for positioning, therefore, but also for the knowledge and perception that people have of your company. Quality pays off, even when it comes to content. E-books, case studies, guides and of course pillar articles: creating interesting content will make you appear to the public as more aware of your product or service.

How to create an effective Content Strategy

As you will have understood, having a Digital Content Strategy is essential to be successful with your company. Nowadays it’s impossible to think that you don’t have one. However, there are several steps, or steps, to be done to make it happen. Here’s what they are.

Define the goal

The first step, when deciding to have a Content Marketing strategy , is to define your goal. To be successful, every action must be planned correctly and aim at achieving a goal, which must always be quantifiable. In this way, when the time comes to understand if your strategy has worked or not, you will be able to understand it very easily based on numbers and graphs, and not on a feeling.
One of the main objectives of those who decide to adopt a Content Marketing strategy is to increase visits to their company website. At first glance, a goal may already appear, but as you move to a higher level, you will have to wonder what these visits will serve you. If the ultimate goal is to sell more or have more direct contacts subscribed to the newsletter, your users must be led to take this action, also thanks to the use of ad hoc content. If you can stay focused on your real goal, it will be easier to achieve it.

Choose the audience

The second step when creating a Marketing Strategy Content is defining your audience. Once you understand who will be reading your content, you can decide what to talk about, how and with what tone of voice. And then, ultimately, accurately outline your SEO Publishing Plan . But we will see together shortly what it is. For the moment, let’s focus on the audience again. To understand who will be and what characteristics the user who will read your web content will have, you will have to ask yourself a few questions. That is: what work does this person do, how old is he, where does he come from, what are his hobbies, how he likes to occupy his time and what are his needs.
You will need to define what is called Buyer Personas. This aspect is really very important if you want to have a successful Content Marketing strategy, because it will allow you to create truly focused content for your readers.

Content planning

A good content strategy obviously requires planning. So you will need to distribute your content accurately, using an SEO editorial plan. This will help you to improve the organization and to be more widespread in the dissemination of your content. You will set deadlines and be sure not to forget anything. Furthermore, thanks to an SEO editorial plan you will always have an eye on which topics you are publishing and when it is time to change the subject.

Contents optimization

SEO always comes back, even when it comes to Content Strategy. Once the planning work is done, all you have to do is write and optimize your article. A good place to start would be to identify a problem with your audience, and write an article explaining how to solve it. Finally, once you have developed your text in depth, always remember to format it. Formatting is important both to make Google understand what are the important parts of the text, the keywords and topics touched upon, and to guide the reader in reading. An unformatted wall of text will not entice people to read it and users will abandon it. Conversely, well-formatted text will be more inviting and people will spend longer reading what you have written.
Also, don’t forget to include some images that can clarify what you are saying. Each image must be completed with ALT and alternative texts, to satisfy the SEO.

SEO and Content Strategy

As we have just seen, when it comes to Content Marketing , the SEO aspect cannot be neglected. If you create content, it is important that they are positioned on search engines so you need to do a clear word search, identify the search intent of users and create an SEO editorial plan . Once you have identified the keywords useful to your company , divided between main and secondary, you can also select the best topics to talk about.
Within the editorial plan you can enter the topic of your articles, the type, where they will be published and when, and the keywords connected to certain links. ASEO editorial plan will also help you have a topic to talk about . In fact, every time you come up with a good idea for an article, you can write it down on an editorial level and then, even later, develop it.

How an SEO publishing plan is done

To make an editorial plan you do not need any particular software, but an excel file or Google Sheets will be sufficient.
It will contain the titles of your content, the day scheduled for publication, where – whether on your blog or elsewhere, the keyword to use and much more. With an SEO editorial plan you will achieve the goal of knowing in advance what you need to work on in the coming weeks and months.
Many ask themselves, especially at the beginning, how often to publish on their blog. There is no rule. The timing of publications will depend on the type of content and their “depth”. If you are usually very widespread, as in the case of a pillar article, you can also decide to dilute your publications over time. If, on the other hand, you are mainly publishing news articles about the news of your sector, you will have to publish more frequently. However, the advice is to vary the type of publications. This will also make it easier to understand what works best and what doesn’t.

Analysis of the results

Periodically you will need to carry out an analysis of the results. Any online strategy, as well as the Content Strategy, requires a measurement to understand whether it is working or not. Then, check the numbers and their trend. In this way you will be able to understand what works and what doesn’t, in your Digital Content Strategy. What doesn’t work can be improved or eliminated, such as topics that you thought were very interesting but have not had a great response from your audience. On the contrary, what works can be explored further. If you have noticed that an article has aroused particular interest, you can continue to explore that topic and also find collateral topics that may be equally interesting for your audience.

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As you will have understood, dealing with Content Strategy requires skill but also a lot of technique and planning. Also, improvisation doesn’t pay on the web. You must always be up to date with all the SEO news and know all the steps, if you don’t want to waste time and money. If you do not have a person inside your company who can take care of it or you would like to be supported by someone who knows this activity well , contact a Web Marketing consultant.as an SEO Leader. A professional can help you set up the best Content Strategy for your company and plan all actions. After having created the SEO editorial plan together, having identified the keywords, you can proceed with the articles that will be created and published promptly and in a capillary way, to be found by the greatest number of people.

Contact SEO Leader, we will have a chat to understand what your needs are. We will take care of your Content Strategy and you can immediately increase the traffic on your site !

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