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Confluence vs Trello – Know Everything About Software pricing

If you’re wondering how much Trello and confluence pricing, you’ve come to the right place. This article compares both software packages, as well as the benefits and features they offer. Before you purchase either software, learn about the features and pricing to make the best decision for your business.

Confluence pricing

While there are some similarities between the two tools, there are also differences. For example, Confluence is more customizable and has more features, such as a customizable wiki. Trello is more popular with developers, but its integrations are limited, and there are fewer options for advanced users.

Both tools offer different pricing options. You should choose based on your budget and your needs. You should be able to find one that will meet most of your needs for a reasonable price. For instance, Confluence is free for personal use, while Trello requires a monthly fee.

Confluence is part of the Atlassian product suite. It was originally released in 2004 as an enterprise tool to help companies manage information and collaborate on projects. Since then, it has evolved to be a more general-purpose collaboration platform. It allows you to set up a private wiki, take meeting minutes, and collaborate on documents.

Trello pricing

When it comes to Trello pricing, there are many options. Trello, for example, offers different plans for different users. There are free plans for people just getting started with project management, and paid plans for companies that need advanced features. You can even try out the free version for 14 days without using your credit card.

The free version of Trello is limited, and it’s not really practical for larger teams or businesses. But the paid plans are available for a lower price per user. Twenty users would pay just $5,000 per year, while 5,000 would cost $335,000. Enterprise plans are the best bet for larger teams because they give you visibility into your work processes, reduce the need for emails and phone calls, and provide the most features for the price.

Features & Benefits of Confluence software

Confluence helps organizations manage projects by providing a centralized location where employees can access information and update projects. The software allows you to organize data into Knowledge Bases and provides the ability to share and collaborate with team members. It also allows users to save multiple versions of a project.

Confluence can be accessed via a web browser or a mobile app. However, if you prefer a desktop experience, you should consider using the Confluence FX extension. It is easy to configure, and provides a navigation menu. The Confluence software also supports multiple file formats, making it flexible to meet the needs of various teams.

Confluence has been a popular collaboration and project management tool for over 30,000 organizations. Its main user base is comprised of companies in IT, financial, and healthcare. It is especially useful for companies with remote workforces. Using Confluence can improve communication and collaboration between teams, allowing everyone to edit relevant files and provide real-time feedback.

Features & Benefits of Trello software

Trello is a collaborative project management software that allows members of a team to work together on tasks. It utilizes lists, cards, and boards to display project information and tasks. Using Trello, team members can easily move lists from one board to another to see the progress of their work. They can also upload files and receive real-time updates for finished tasks.

Trello offers robust organizational and workflow management capabilities, and it boasts an intuitive, clean UI. It promotes team collaboration and information sharing through its clean dashboards. However, it lacks enterprise-grade project management capabilities, and it isn’t suitable for managing large projects. Also, the basic plan doesn’t include mobile app functionality.


Confluence and Trello are project management tools made by Atlassian, which both offer similar features. Both are easy to use and have strong customer support. If you’re trying to decide between the two, consider which one suits your needs better. The main difference between Trello and Confluence is the way the platforms handle collaboration and project management. Trello allows you to create lists and cards with Kanban-style boards. It also integrates well with Confluence.

Confluence is mostly used by companies in the healthcare, finance, and IT sectors. It’s also useful for firms with a remote workforce. Over 80 percent of employees now work from home at least some of the time, and companies that use Confluence often use it to manage content and collaborate on it.

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