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How to improve Instagram coverage

Instagram algorithm and organic coverage for companies

Organic coverage is what makes social media so powerful, useful and (sometimes) frustrating. It’s a free way to communicate with customers and ultimately increase sales. But as you know, it takes time and skills to develop your Instagram coverage, and the algorithm plays a role in that.

This algorithm is still being developed to help people see and enjoy content. Although Instagram denies that it deliberately limited its coverage, until 2016, users saw only 10% of potential posts in their feed because there was too much content to manage. Now that the algorithm has changed to focus on posts from family and friends, companies need to work harder to be visible.

For business accounts, the algorithm rewards novelty: new content, formats and connections. That’s why it’s important, regardless of your specific strategy, to keep a steady stream of posts and never stop testing. Here are some tactics and settings you can test to improve your organic coverage on Instagram. To grasp extra about instagram take a look at https://comprarseguidoresreaisportugal.com/

 Use the full range of Instagram post formats

Instagram is never late to add new features. So far, you can post:

One photo, photo frames and short videos in your stream

Stories, including options for AR lenses, surveys, questions, links, shopping, and fundraising labels

Landmarks of the story



Instagram Live video feeds, including feeds shared with other accounts

Guides, which are collections of posts on a specific topic

Products in an Instagram store

When it comes to social media, companies are usually advised to choose one or two channels to focus on. But within that social network, you should use all the different formats available to maximize your impact.

Posting in these formats creates a consistent presence and a constant flow of content and ensures that you reach potential followers wherever they are on the platform. There are a lot of small businesses that only post in their feed or focus on Stories above all else.

You may find that some formats connect better with your audience than others. But if you don’t use the full range available, you may miss new audiences or opportunities.

Add location tags to posts

This step is especially important if you have a physical location, such as a store, cafe, or even a mobile service, such as a pop-up or truck. Become the social media marketing rockstar for your business

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Using location tags for feed posts means that people will see your content when they search for local posts and accounts. It’s an easy way to expand your audience and organic coverage locally.

 Embrace accessibility

Accessibility often ends up being a footnote in social media strategies, but it should be right at your forefront. About 1 in 4 Americans has some type of disability, according to the CDC.

If you fail to make your content accessible on social media, you may lose 25% of your target audience. Creating accessible content is often simpler than people think. Instagram now offers some automated features that make work even easier.

Here are some of the essentials:

Get social media marketing training from professionals

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Learn from dozens of the industry’s most trusted experts, combine with other smart marketers, and take your marketing to the next level during this 3-day event in sunny San Diego, CA. Use alternate text for your Instagram images. Alternate text is a piece of text that describes images for anyone who cannot view them.

Instagram can also use it as a source of information about the content of the post, which feeds into the algorithm. When recording a video, make sure your face is clearly visible to people who read on their lips and keep background noise to a minimum.

Finally, the best accessibility tip I can give you is to listen. Accessibility needs are diverse and complex. If someone tells you that your content is inaccessible to them, then listen and make any reasonable changes they suggest.

Enable Sharing for your Instagram stories

Can your Instagram stories be shared? You can turn on options in the story settings to allow people to share your stories, either on your own Story feed or in a direct message.

Some brands keep this feature disabled because they want to assert control over their content. But this goes against the spirit of social media and unnecessarily limits your organic coverage.

When you allow people to share your stories with you again, you give them the power to recommend your business and find new followers and customers for you. If you are really concerned about brand safety, you can monitor those actions and block bad users individually.

Enable Remixing for Instagram Reels

Reels are the Instagram answer to TikTok: short videos that can be tasted, to which you can add video effects or background sound.

They also include a Remix function similar to TikTok Duets, which allows you to record a response to someone else’s reel, showing your clip and his clip side by side.

You can choose whether to allow people to remix your roles. I recommend enabling this setting, for the same reason you can share your stories, to encourage more interaction from followers.

Enable Instagram branded content tags

Did you know that other companies can tag you in their Instagram ads and sponsored posts? This setting is designed for brand partnerships and sponsorships. But it also means that you could organically benefit from the paid coverage of another brand.

Although activating this setting does not guarantee that you will receive a call, it is worth doing so just in case. A single branded content tag could bring thousands of new product views to your account.

You can find the setting for branded content tags by accessing the Business tab in Instagram settings. You can choose to enable all content tags or manually approve each one.

Or there is a third way: you can create a list of approved business partners who can tag you in their branded posts and ads. This will save you a lot of time if you regularly work in partnership with another company.

Use Instagram Highlights to maximize content value

The stories are great for your touch on Instagram. They are fast, fun and interactive – all powerful qualities to increase your organic coverage. But they have a major flaw: after 24 hours, they disappear.

This is where the important moments of the stories come into play. You can add any story to a highlight of your profile by pinning it to the top of the grid forever. This is especially valuable for stories that present your products, services or brand image.  For higher data discuss with comprarseguidoresreaisportugal

However, noyou must limit highlighting to those categories of information. You can also use them to keep your most popular and viral stories, creating them for long-term interaction and sharing as new people discover them.

Give followers a reason to post about your brand

One of the easiest ways to increase your organic coverage on Instagram is to help cover other accounts; in other words, have them post about you or share your posts.But how do you motivate people to do that? 

Another way to encourage your followers to share your Instagram posts is to create content that can be shared.Content that can be shared will look different for different companies. For some, they are inspirational quotes or images.

For others, it could be questionnaires, puzzles or informational content. For some brave business, there are memes! You know your audience best. Think about the types of content they post, appreciate, and share most often.

You can also increase sharing by creating timely content. Think about national days, major holidays or annual brand events. I would advise you not to attend every event on the calendar, but a few well-chosen holidays can really help you amplify your message.

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