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Common Questions When Ordering Glasses Online

The Internet has made our lives easier and more complex. It has opened up a world where we can shop from the comfort of our own homes and has already eliminated some of the risk factors associated with online shopping. While still a relatively new concept, buying spectacles online has turned the optical world on its head as the Internet has created an environment for low prices and easy returns. Although buying glasses online is much easier than going to your local ophthalmologist, there are many questions about buying prescription glasses online. The following information helps answer the most common questions when ordering drinks online.

What do I need to buy glasses online?

Although each site is different, the three most common things you need are an up-to-date version, a payment method – usually a credit card or PayPal, and a shipping address. It is important to note that you will need a prescription for spectacles – not a prescription for contact lenses. The two remedies are usually different, so you must ask your ophthalmologist about the cure for your glasses.

How do I find the right size frame?

You have two options:

Use your existing frames as a guide if they fit well.Ask your optician to measure the glass.Make sure he writes the number.

With either option, you will be left with three numbers. For this example, we will use the numbers 50, 17, and 140. Number 50 tells me that my lens is 50mm wide – you can vary between 1-2mm in width on your lens and still fit properly. Number 17 tells me that my bridge (nose piece) is 17 mm wide, you can go up or down 1 mm on the width of your bridge, but no further is recommended. The last number, 140, tells me that my trunk length is 140 mm – if your temples fit well, don’t change that number. If they feel loose, reduce them to 5 mm. If they feel tight, add 5 mm.

I don’t feel comfortable inserting my prescription. What should I do?

Most online optical stores allow you to submit your version in one of three ways: via the site, by fax, or by scanned copy sent via email. If the location you visit does not offer other options, leave the area immediately and look for another place to purchase. Once you fax or email your copy, one of the optical technicians will pick it up. Before sending your prescription, double-check if your doctor has included your PD (student distance). If not, ask your doctor to tell you the number. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a national average PD of 63mm.

Buying glasses online doesn’t have to be complicated – make sure you have the latest prescription before ordering drinks. Before you buy glasses, you can try the site’s virtual mirror – this will help you see how the glasses look on your face. Additionally, check the company’s return policy before ordering if you don’t like the specs. The company cannot refund you in full.

Hillary Glazer is social networking and cross-media publicity expert who is currently working on promoting prescription springs. He is the Director of Marketing and Special Projects for GlassesUSA.com – The Easiest Way to Buy Glasses Online, which now offers free shipping on all US orders with the FreeShip10 code.

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