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Common IT Support Issues and How to Solve Them

In most businesses, a help desk is a place that is constantly active. The support staff must figure out how to handle various concerns and problems that are typically submitted to the help desk ticket system.

However, some issues keep coming up, to the point where you can be pulling out your hair while attempting to assist users in changing their password for the nth time. 

Although it often works, ask if you tried turning it off and on again. This one may not be sufficient to solve the problem. Users need the help desk’s assistance because many issues necessitate extensive troubleshooting to find a solution. Here will see about in detail:

Forgot your password

When you return from vacation, you realize you forgot your system password. You regret not sticking a post-it note below your desk with your password on it. Nothing is more annoying than not being able to access all of your files because you lost your password, and the solution is typically a simple email to the help desk.

It is important to remember that even though you might be mistyping your password, this issue might be solvable.

You might have left the CAPS lock key on while trying to input your password, even though you do recall it. When you feel you have forgotten your password, this is a vital step in troubleshooting. Even if you find it difficult to recover, you can reach to IT ticketing system in your workplace. 

Additionally, your password may have expired, so you should find out if they have received any messages requesting them to change it.

The help desk can provide the employee a link to reset their password if they genuinely cannot remember it and require a new one. The help desk can offer more assistance if there are any other issues.

Slow internet connection

Users must locate the best signal reception area when using a wireless internet connection. In some areas of a building, the signal is only sometimes reliable. Therefore, ensure you are close enough to the router to get an excellent internet connection.

Many people must be aware that using numerous windows when internet browsing slows everything down. Additionally, while browsing, individuals might have gotten malware. 

It is the duty of the IT help desk to inform users on which websites to avoid and how to avoid clogging up their browsers to preserve internet speed.

Computers are running too slowly

Is it taking your computer too long to carry out commands? If so, the answer is rather simple. Verify whether you are running multiple apps at once and make sure to shut down some of them. 

Further, updates and checks on your computer can run in the background without notice. Your computer becomes slower as a result. You can look for an IT support ticketing system, as they will perform the scans and upgrades for you after business hours to solve the issue.

Malware and viruses could be the reason for your PC’s slowness. As a result, be careful to unplug your PC from the network and let the IT support desk handle the issue.

Can’t connect a USB device

A computer that won’t recognize a USB drive is a common problem reported to the help desk. Users may want to import a vital file they have on their smartphone into their PC but are having trouble. The computer may not identify the device for various reasons, including an issue with the USB port.

Ask the user to see whether another port can detect the device. You can also ask them to see if the USB drive functions on another computer; if it does, the problem is likely with the computer rather than the USB.

The support desk can assist with looking into probable causes and finding viable solutions if the issue is with the device itself.

A completely blank computer screen

A problem with the tower’s connection to the screen is most likely to be the cause of a functioning computer tower but a dark screen. 

Make sure the monitor’s power connector is securely fastened to a wall outlet before you do anything else. Then check any wires connecting your computer tower to your monitor again, as loose connections are the main culprit in most of these problems.

Get a professional to look into it if you have the same laptop problem. Most likely, internal cables need to be replaced.

The blue screen of death

A Windows user’s main worry is to experience the blue screen of death. Productivity suffers as a result, and new hardware may be required.

The user frequently worries that the computer is permanently damaged when they see the blue screen, which indicates that the system has crashed. They are forced to call the help desk immediately to request assistance.

In most cases, it is not as severe as expected. When a computer encounters the blue screen of death, it is still possible to save it. System restarts are frequently effective fixes for issues that are typically caused by hardware or one of the drivers.

The blue screen of death frequently contains details regarding the nature of the problem, so you need to remember that. When you can make sense of the language on the screen, you can tell whether a restart will work or whether you need assistance from a professional to rescue your computer.

Final Thoughts

If you find any problem in your system, you can solve it by yourself by troubleshooting. You can approach an IT professional to solve the issue if it is complicated. The above listed are some of the IT support issues and solutions for the problem you can consider.

Author Bio:

Maulik Shah

Mr. Maulik Shah is the founder of DeskXpand, A full-fledged ticket management system that comes with the right tools like an online ticketing system to provide a seamless and cost-efficient customer experience. Maulik is a tech enthusiast and writes about the various aspects of customer service software.

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Uneeb Khan
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