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Commercial Space tiles: How to Choose the Right One?

Confused on choosing the right tiles for commercial space? Unlike home or residential projects, commercial space, such as offices, requires more refined design ideas. As it gets more traffic and encounters more scratches, you need to choose the suitable one. Yet, you can’t overlook the design asthetics or design purposes.

Well, so what are the types of commercial tiles available? And how to choose the right tiles for your commercial project? This article answers the questions below.

What are commercial space tiles?

We can define commercial tiles in many ways. Talking about their use is the easiest way to understand.

Commercial tiles are designed for those spaces where thousands of people step in every day, such as offices, hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, and any other organization or public place. Think about a railway station or school, or museum. Well, it can be your apartment building’s lobby, also.

Different Types of Commercial Tiles

Usually, two commercial tiles are predominantly found on the priority list: ceramic tiles and Glazed Vitrified Tiles. Between them, ceramic tiles are more common.

Let’s get familiar with some of the tiles suitable for commercial space tiling.

Marble Vitrified tiles

The tile is prepared by hydraulic pressing. Its major element is the mixture of minerals such as quartz, silica, feldspar, etc. Marble vitrified tiles can be a good choice for outdoor locations because of their high scratch, frost, and water resistance. It’s inexpensive comparing marbles.

Plain Vitrified tiles

These tiles are a good option for decor and are mostly applied to exterior grounds. The surface is polished, and glass is used.

Onyx tiles

They are famous for their nice appearance and smooth texture. There are many types of onyx tiles and different appliances.

Statutario tiles

Statutario tiles are famous worldwide. The installation and maintenance costs for these tiles are low. Materials used are porcelain, ceramic, vitrified elements, etc. It’ll give a marble-like look. So, it’s a good choice for school, office, and restaurant.

These are some examples you’ll find in general in the market. But, you have more choices to go for.

What to consider before buying commercial tiles

Most people consider two primary preferences for buying tiles: longevity and look. However, one should follow several other points before choosing commercial tiles.

Here are the things to consider before buying commercial tiles for you.


A perfect size will enhance the space’s beauty and make the area more visible. Also it may make your space look spacious or vice versa.


Check if the respective tiles you have chosen have the same tone as where you want to install them. A mixture of different finishing might degrade the beauty.


The substances mainly used for tiles are glass, ceramic, vitrified, mosaic, cement, etc. Different elements will serve various features and enhance beauty durability distinctly. Also, there are costs to care and protection. So, you shouldn’t just choose and pick without any consideration.

Anti-slip properties

Nothing should replace your safety, regardless of the beauty of the tiles. You might choose it for a hospital where older person may fall slipping. 

Do double-check if the tiles may create any risk for you. Tiles with anti-slip features and enough grip should always be on the criteria for commercial space.

Cleaning and maintenance

If the place where the tiles should be installed is a place of heavy traffic, there’s no way but to look for tiles that are easy to maintain and clean.


Last but not least. You might be satisfied with the quality and cost of your tiles. But, everything goes in vain if the overall look can’t impress you. We know you want a premium quality that grabs attention and follows the trends.

Don’t forget the color. What message do you want from the surface you’re planning for? We know white conveys peacefulness while one can sense spirituality through the green.

Be assured that covering these areas can help you make the best decision about buying any tiles.

Last Words

That was all about commercial tiles and how to pick the right one. Tiles are certainly one of the major elements to beautify your place.

Remember that not all tiles will be suitable for each place. Also, your choice should fit with the product available and the design in your head. Good Luck!

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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