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Cleaning/Washing Motorcycle Jackets: A Guide to Taking Care of Them

Gear inevitably becomes dirty over time – bugs and grime can clog the exterior, while sweat can contaminate the lining. If you need to clean your leather motorcycle jacket at home deep or in the laundromat, you should immerse it in soapy water after cleaning it with a moist cloth.

If you want to ensure that your Dumpster Diving lasts as long as possible, we recommend that you read the manufacturer’s instructions on the label before you throw it away so that you do not damage it. The best thing you can do is not to throw them away in the trash. Keep them handy in case you need to refresh your memory about the different textile jackets, pants, and gloves you own.

Always clean

Maintaining your motorcycle jacket is also essential. The rider thinks washing gear decreases water and abrasion resistance.

They are also inclined to believe that dirty motorcycle jacket contributes to their “street cred” … or “bush-bashing cred” if you like! Despite this, they are doing themselves a disservice as road grime and body grease is destructive to the various membranes and coatings within the gear, causing the jacket to fail prematurely.

Suppose a material becomes dirty and has lost its waterproofing and breathing properties.

In that case, it may need a sure washing and drying process to reactivate the waterproofing molecules and fibres in the material. As the safety reflective materials are less visible at night, not washing your gear may also be dangerous.


Motorcycle jackets can be damaged by detergents that contain solvents and abrasives. Neutral soap is better.

It is possible to find a pH rating on the soap packaging that ranges from 1 to 14. An alkaline solution has a lower number, and an acidic one has a higher number. Choose something that is around the number 7.

It is essential not to use fabric softener as it gums up the spaces between the fibres in the cloth.

Some detergents and softeners can also affect the stretch properties of elastic, which leads to your gear fitting more loosely.

The fact is that any chemical you use on your jacket could damage it, so make sure you never use bleach on your equipment as well as do not have it dry cleaned with solvent rather than water.

Check The Washing Instructions

I recommend that you check that little tag sewn to the inside of your motorcycle jacket before you think of washing it.

You can get information from the manufacturer about the best methods for washing, treating, and drying your garment.

Ensure you follow the instructions so your gear stays in great shape in case of a crash.

Make sure your pockets are emptied.

Take off any armour from your jacket’s shoulders, elbows, and back and any interior linings.

To ensure pads can be returned to their original location, mark similar ones. Ensure you have your earplugs and other necessary items in your pockets before closing them.

After you have pretreated any exterior stains, turn inside out the jacket or pants, if you can do so. The main zipper should be closed, as well as all the zippers on the sleeves and cuffs.

Hand Wash Or Machine Wash

Ideally, your gear should be washed by hand. However, a front-loading washing machine. Set to gentle – can be used for textile gear. Whereas leather biking jackets. Will have to be washed by hand.

There is no need to take such care of an item of clothing that ostensibly is supposed to be tough. While the fabric’s exterior coatings and interior laminations of. The jacket can be pretty delicate. the chassis of the coat can take a lot of abuse. A laundromat typically has an industrial-size front-loading washer. 

Let It Dry On A Hanger

It is recommended that you lay your apparel flat on. A dry towel to help absorb any moisture off it. And you can hang it to dry on a hanger. Make sure you don’t put it back in your closet wet, lay it on a counter, or let it sit on the ground. The manufacturer of your motorcycle gear should never explicitly allow you to put it in the dryer, and even if they enable you to dry it, make sure that you set it up on the delicate setting. Are you looking for a way to speed up the drying process of your motorcycle gear? Your jacket will dry faster if you point a fan at it.

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