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Challenges you Might Face when Learning Microsoft SharePoint

Since its inception, SharePoint has been available for a while, and since then, it has emerged as the top option for businesses and organizations looking for a collaborative resource. In 2019, Microsoft released the final editions of Office Online Server and SharePoint Server. The SharePoint Online platform enables users to develop collaborative sites that may be used for document sharing, task assignment, beginning blogs, and creating processes.

In general, SharePoint is viewed as a sturdy platform for collaboration. For those who use and administer it, there may be some digital adoption platform issues, just as with any complicated equipment. Therefore we have Four typical SharePoint issues listed below. Remember that your list of the top four may differ from what has been presented here.

User Adoption

User adoption is a critical challenge that many SharePoint administrators encounter in their organizations. Many organizations replace file servers with document libraries after implementing SharePoint, so that the indexing capabilities of SharePoint can help them find documents more quickly. However, overloading document libraries makes it more difficult for the user to find the needed information within the library.

According to a poll of 274 AIIM (Association for Intelligent Information Management) members, around 40% of SharePoint implementations are unsuccessful.

A Challenging User Experience

SharePoint intranets are cumbersome with static pages and interactive tools. Some SharePoint administrators put a lot of time and effort into tailoring the intranet to the organization’s brand and improve user experience (UX).

It is incredibly challenging to access, modify, and participate in the calendar view. For instance, there is a significant likelihood of skipping meetings, responding to postings, and other things if your organization is larger. The user feels frustration by the software’s complexity, which makes simple daily chores more difficult. Other problems with SharePoint’s interface that impact user experience are; difficulty to customize, faulty navigation, uploading files drags, setting up offline access is difficult. And a user’s needs are not answered by search

Employee Monitoring and Training

A Company’s content becomes unorganized when people incorrectly tag their content because of no or poor training. Insufficient training leads to a lack of correct application knowledge. Among the effects of inadequate training are: inadequate product understanding, additional support requests, end results of lower quality, productivity declines, employees that are not content and happy and the rate of employee turnover rises significantly.  There is a SharePoint community with user groups, meetups, and conferences. Unfortunately, it is challenging to persuade businesses to pay to send administrators to those events.

Inadequate oversight of trained staff members causes errors and lowers ROI. The expense of monitoring and retraining personnel grows proportionately as the organization’s workforce grows.

Change Administration

Lists and libraries are integrated into the fully customisable user experience of SharePoint Classic. A portion of the Classic user interface is responsive. Along with team sites, a contemporary list and library structure, and site pages, modern SharePoint includes full responsiveness. Although there are certain visual customization restrictions, it is mobile-ready, which improves the makers’ experience. Additionally, it fosters collaboration in the user experience.

2018 saw the release of Modern SharePoint, the most recent iteration of the intranet application. There are many obstacles that SharePoint administrators must overcome when deciding whether to upgrade from their current Classic version to Modern SharePoint. There are monthly minor updates, and occasionally businesses have trouble comprehending and acclimating themselves to the new features.

Many firms find it difficult to adapt to certain modifications due to their cultural, organizational, and technical challenges. Problems with modern SharePoint; web components without page filters. Classic’s web content cannot be used in modern, and vice versa, excessive header details. Limited ability to control web components data, lack of customization of the search experience. And row-based formatting and page layout are not present andis thus, a problem. 

If Your Plan fails, Your strategy fails

Despite all of these implementation issues, SharePoint is a fantastic platform for businesses looking for a feature-rich, highly customizable solution. However, proper planning from the start is crucial to avoid poor user experience. Therefore SharePoint must be created from the bottom up to overcome the difficulties and make the most of the technology.

Hence, plan everything and anything carefully because even a tiny error in the company might result in a significant lump amount payment. We have observed the significant implementation difficulties experienced by businesses.

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