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Centricity Vs. Nextgen- Which EMR is Better for your Practice?

Let’s say you aren’t sure if NextGen or Centricity is better. This article can help you decide. NextGen EMR, Centricity EMR support many computer operating systems. Here are the results of the comparisons between these programs.

Centricity Vs. Nextgen – An Overview

Centricity EMR is one of two EMR modules that a market leader in electronic healthcare has made available. It’s a secure application that allows you to gather, save, share, and access patient and healthcare facility records. Centricity EMR allows medical institutions to use their practice management system on their own or with other systems. The flexibility to grow is dependent on how well the solution fits into a clinic or hospital’s operations. While Centricity EMR has many features, it is not suitable for all medical practices.

NextGen Healthcare is a solution for healthcare. You can access a wide range of products and services through it, including financial services, mobile solutions, analytics, and electronic medical records (EHR). It is used to streamline clinical care, financial management and patient care.

Which offers Better Features? Nextgen vs. Centricity

Centricity EMR Features

Centricity EMR offers a range of capabilities to help medical facilities reduce costs, improve their service, and simplify patient administration. Centricity EMR’s hosting takes care of all HIPAA compliance requirements. Centricity EMR complies with HIPAA regulations by securely conserving customer data. It features such as

  • Patient Information Overview
  • One-Click Problem Entry
  • ICD-9 & 10 Code Predictive Search
  • Automatic Code Mapping
  • Customizable Templates
  • Quick Text
  • Dictation
  • Workflow Automation
  • E-Prescribing
  • Quality Dashboard
  • Clinical Quality Reporting
  • Pre-Built Meaningful Use Forms
  • Embedded Checklist
  • Meaningful Use Consulting Services
  • Online Patient Portal
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Reporting Functions

NextGen Healthcare Features

NextGen Healthcare’s EHR system supports ambulatory practices. It includes an automated registry reporting system, dedicated account service, a fluid clinical workflow and user-friendly charting tools. The system also has a clinical and electronic medical records system that can be expanded. It makes information transfer between payers, patients, organizations, and health registries easier. It encourages patient participation and prompts patients to make follow up appointments. It has many features

  • SaaS or server-based
  • Data sharing across systems
  • Streamlined billing, statements and claims
  • Full NextGen solutions suite integration
  • Customizable Preferences Settings
  • Workflow Screen
  • Clinical Tasking
  • Appointment Management
  • Referral Management
  • Laboratory Services Function
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Health Maintenance Reminders
  • E/M Coding
  • HIPAA Compliant

What can you do to Improve your Practice? Nextgen vs. Centricity

Centricity EMR has many capabilities that allow patient contacts to be quickly recorded and other data entry activities can be performed more efficiently. The software’s ability to dictate allows users to perform other tasks without having to use their hands. The software automatically maps codes after a diagnosis has been entered. This saves doctors the time of manually searching for the correct codes.

Centricity Care EMR features a Quality Care Dashboard that allows users monitor the quality of healthcare facilities. They can compare their offerings to industry standards to ensure that they provide excellent care. This tool also allows them to evaluate the quality and improve upon it.

Centricity EMR allows patients to take an active role in their care. They can also access their medical history online through the web interface. Doctors can also remind patients of their appointments and discuss any illness they might be experiencing. This is a convenient way to ensure patients’ health.

Next-Gen Healthcare

NextGen Healthcare might make your financial and medical processes easier. The program can handle other tasks efficiently and accurately, so healthcare professionals can focus on providing the best care possible.

Cloud-based EHR solutions allow users to view important information on one page. This reduces scrolling and clicks. Customers can also choose what content they want to see and configure the basic settings to control how it is displayed. Editable, the initial module is the dashboard or screen that users see. Next, users can select from modules that address workflow, issues and problems, drug and allergy concerns, procedures and referrals.

The workflow screen offers additional functionality. This tool allows you to view all the appointments and tasks. Within the clinical task area, users can assign, modify, or delete assignments. This section contains links to information about patient allergies, issues and prescriptions.

Based on their available resources, users can view scheduled appointments. They would then be able see the schedules of the doctors, providers and offices in their company. This tool streamlines healthcare and clinical operations, allowing users to quickly offer value-based care. NextGen Healthcare also offers health maintenance reminders and chronic illness management.

Comparison of Prices – Nextgen Vs. Centricity

NextGen Enterprise EHR is a much cheaper option than the average price for medical software. It starts at $299 per provider/month. Centricity will provide accurate cost information on request. They do not release it to the general public. Centricity offers two subscription options: cloud-based and on-premises. Centricity EMR offers a unique pricing structure for each plan. The cloud-based option has a monthly price structure, unlike the on-premise plan, which comes with a one-time licensing fee. Each subscription option comes with an implementation fee. The implementation fees are not included in the monthly pricing model. Centricity EMR charges an additional fee for these services. The vendor will be assigned a project manager to assist them in creating a strategy and unique workflow. It is however more costly than NextGen.

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