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Black Friday Deals for Marketers & Bloggers 2022

Black Friday is one of the most hyped events of the year online. It’s the biggest day of the year for retail. In fact, some 30 % of all retail sales for the year take place between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Some deals are nothing to shout out about. Others are excellent value deals that should not be missed. This list is for anyone building a website, marketing their business, or creating online business empires. There’s something for everyone in this (proud to say) Ultimate list of Blogger software & plugin deals, Cyber Monday marketing discounts, and Black Friday SEO deals. #BFCM

Black Friday internet marketing deals

Looking for special Black Friday plugins discounts, SEO tools deals, SaaS deals, WordPress tools, and lifetime deals?

You’ve come to the right place. This is your Black Friday deal tracker page. Updated hourly coming up to the big day.

Table Of Contents

  1. FastComet [early deal]
  2. CloudWays
  3. Frase
  4. ASTRA Theme


fastcomet early bird black friday sale

Not all web hosting companies are created equal. Some perform the job with a few frills, some are plain terrible, and a few are outstanding. One of the latter kind is FastComet, a fast platform for hosting your website. The support level is really good and prices are better than the popular SiteGround.

Unlike many other hosting companies, FastComet’s pricing does not increase significantly in the second year. The price you pay the first year is the price you get for life.

Get 65% off a shared web hosting plan, 80% off domains, and 20% off VPS and dedicated servers.



CATEGORY: Cloud hosting

While managed WordPress hosting is amazing and recommended for anyone who wants to get started right away, there are many advantages to using a platform-as-a-service company like CloudWays. Managed cloud-server hosting platforms are becoming more popular as entrepreneurs, agencies, and even bloggers become more familiar with web tools.

The advantages of using a service like Cloudways to host your websites is improved speed, a selection of different VPS servers, flexibility, and security. Some degree of technical skill is required but for many businesses the benefits outweigh the admittedly small learning curve.

If this sounds interesting, check out the Cloudways Black Friday deal.

Get a massive 40% exclusive discount on all hosting plans for the next four months and 30 FREE migrations by using BFCM promo code BFCM4030



frase content optimization tool black friday

With Frase, a content marketing tool that creates detailed briefs for writers, you can produce SEO-optimized blog posts, articles, and more. In a similar way to GTP-3, Frase learns from reading documents through its own NLG software. 

By synthesizing the inputs, Frase avoids plagiarism and creates unique content unlike anything else out there.

For content writers, the FAQ generation and outline generation tools are particularly useful for developing unique sets of frequently asked questions and brief outlines.

Get 20% off any plan this Black Friday. Start a trial using coupon code blackfriday2022. If you cancel within days, you pay nothing. If you decide to keep it, you’ll get 20% off forever. And trust me, you will want to keep it.

At any time of the year, you can start a 5-day Frase trial for only $1



Astra is the hottest WordPress theme in 2022 and will continue to dominate. Because it’s fast and full of features. One of the quickest loading and beautiful-looking themes available. The Astra theme has made a huge impression on the blogging world since its launch. Grab the superfast theme or entire suite of tools from Brainstorm Force with the huge Astra Theme Black Friday discounts. It might not happen again.

This is the Astra theme’s biggest discount ever.

Get Up to 50% off and enter for a Macbook Air giveaway

All themes, plugins like Convert Pro and WP Schema Pro, and the amazing WordPress starter templates. All with Unlimited website usage.

Astra Pro features: 180+ Starter Templates, WP Portfolio plugin, Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder, Ultimate Addons for Elementor, Convert Pro plugin, Schema Pro plugin as well as access to all our future plugins.

And check out the same discount on the essentials bundle and the standalone theme:

22 November to 2 December

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