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Best Way to Get the Most Famous Pearl Bridal Earrings

Earings are an important part of Jewelry. The jewelry value could be 99% determined by the gem. On the other hand, the gem could add zero to the value. The two critical factors are the gem itself and the condition. Some gems have a higher value than others. A natural ruby is worth many times more than a synthetic ruby. Diamonds are generally more valuable than amethysts. Knowing your gem’s grade and rarity will help with understanding its value. The condition of the gem is critical to the value. Some chips and abrasions can justify the repolishing cost. But in most cases, chips and scratches will render the gem unappealing and valueless careful handling of Jewelry retains a higher value then carelessness.

The overview of the determining factors of pearl bridal earrings is style, condition, and intrinsic worth. Remember you don’t get paid for the Jewelry in relation to what you paid but the condition and demand when you sell. Clean Jewelry shows the item at its best and helps in evaluating the design and gems.

Selling estate jewelry is the art of compromise. There is a balance between dollar paid and quickness of payment and ease of transaction. If you want the high price, fast and easy, you are dreaming. The higher the price gained from the sale of estate jewelry, the longer the time and more difficult the transaction.

Finding another consumer to buy your Jewelry is the most profitable but the most difficult, time consuming and problematic. Walking into a dealer’s shop is the easiest and fastest way to sell but you are selling at wholesale or less. Finding the balance is a personal judgement call.

Each method of selling estate jewelry has its strengths and liabilities. Besides the price received for the Jewelry, the time investment you have to make to sell the Jewelry enters the equation. What are your time and energy worth? I have known people who have driven around town for two days just to make $20 more. Don’t overlook the ease of transaction. Not all people decide to buy and pay cash on the spot. Some individuals take two or three visits just to make up their mind to buy. There could also be a measure of trust in shipping the wedding pearl earrings across the country or even a payment plan could be the only way a person could afford your Jewelry. The balance of dollar paid versus method of payment can be very tricky.

This list of ways to sell estate jewelry is not exhaustive. Personal creativity can show you the best way to sell your Jewelry or one of the more traditional methods may work out just fine. Examine your options and evaluate the benefits and drawbacks to find the very best way to sell your estate jewelry.

Auctions are the prestigious way to sell estate jewelry. There is an air of sophistication in liquidating Jewelry through a major auction house. The nationally known auction houses like Christie’s, Sotheby’s and the like have pricey set up costs and standards. High end jewelry is best suited for these auctions.

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