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Best Variety Of Women SILK STOLE

A magnificent selection and mermaid silk scarf of luxury stoles in high quality silk and wild silk , sourced from the best weaver artisans in Asia. Stoles ideal for an elegant style or a wedding.

An ivory wedding stole  is a relatively wide and tall piece of fabric, rectangular in shape. However, the silk stole is not to be confused with the scarf, the large scarf or the silk square scarf . The stole is usually worn around the shoulders, but can also be worn around the neck. What makes the difference between a winter scarf  and a stole is the size. 

The stole must be more enveloping, longer and wider, since its primary function is to cover the upper back and the shoulders, which will be ideal with a bare dress, which is why wild silk stoleswedding are so popular. 

A stole can be made with many materials such as natural silk ,  wild silk , linen, cotton, wool or pashmina. There are many models of stoles, between colors, patterns, materials and textures. Designers are constantly offering models of stoles, each more astonishing and feminine than the next.

Silk Wedding Stole

A stole is usually worn around the shoulders, in order to wrap the upper body well. However, how to wear a stole, in order to adapt to the daily life of every woman. The stole can therefore serve as a scarf. 

Just wrap the stole on itself, to make a scarf, before putting it around your neck. If the stole is decorated with patterns, it is advisable to let the sides hang down in the front of the body for more femininity. The stole can be wrapped around the neck, passing the sides behind the body, or else one side in front and one side behind. 

There aren’t really any rules on how to wear a stole. Depending on the style of the person, the stole can be transformed into a wild or natural silk scarf that can be worn on the head. The stole being generally very long, the sides will be tied at the level of the neck, then they will be left hanging in the back.

Cheap Wedding Stole

A stole is chosen according to three criteria: material, color and length.. The choice of material mermaid silk scarf will essentially depend on the use of the stole. If the stole is to be worn with a wedding or cocktail dress, you might as well choose a material that goes perfectly with the style of the dress. 

The dress is fluid, it is better to choose a light, airy and slightly transparent stole. Person is more looking for comfort and warmth, it will be better to opt for a warm, thick and well-enveloping stole. The choice of the color of the stole depends essentially on the outfits with which it will be worn. 

For a stole that will be worn easily and with all types of clothing, it is better to target a neutral colored stole, rather in linen or cotton, in order to be worn with jeans as well as a work outfit. Finally, for the length of the stole, it is strongly recommended to try a few before making your choice. 

The size of the stole depends mainly on the corpulence and the size of each one. Only the fitting will allow you to make the right choice.

Women’s Silk Stole

Matching a stole mermaid silk scarf is just a matter of common sense. It is the outfit that will determine the choice of stole and not the other way around. The stole comes to rest last on the silhouette, after the clothes, the jewels or the hairstyle. 

It is therefore important to harmonize colors and materials. Ideally, a stole is chosen with the outfit, in order to avoid any errors of taste. In winter, it is advisable to match the stole to the coat or jacket that you wear the most. 

This allows the stole to be worn over the coat, without having to worry about the correct color matching. In summer, the stole will be extremely light and match the dress or top. A summer stole comes to rest delicately on the shoulders, in order to ensure style, elegance and femininity to the silhouette.

Chic Silk Stole

There are so many models of stoles, it is possible to choose a stole for every occasion. During a wedding, a ceremony or a social event, the stole will be light, vaporous and rather satiny. Of course, the color is to be chosen according to the outfit. 

To simply go shopping, pick up the children from school or go shopping with friends, it is better to opt for a resistant, thick and easy to wear stole. 

Finally, for a romantic evening, the stole can be adorned with dazzling patterns, in order to highlight the upper body and illuminate the oval of the face. Each occasion makes it possible to change style and therefore stoles. 

So, you might as well give free rein to your imagination, choosing different models of stoles each time. Trends in stoles for women.

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